Worst Valentine Ever!

By Anonymous

Valentine’s Day last year was a joke wallahi ,OK. Valentine was fast approaching, no boo in sight, mhen I was like mba I will not be alone. I was indeed single to stupor. I met this basic dude on my way to work. Dude struck up a conversation with me, lol for my mind I think say God don answer my prayer oo. This happened Just 2 days to Valentine.

Finally Valentine’s Day Don reach, a colleague invited me to her church dinner. I wore a tight black dress with vivid red lips and walked boldly into the church only for me to find out I was overdressed . Chai!! Like say make ground open swallow me. Through out the dinner the guest speaker kept on emphasizing that if you wanna attract the right man, you shouldn’t paint your face, especially red lipstick, 😱 she sha was preaching about modesty in everything we do, see the way everyone was staring in church, Chai!! I wanted to die. Dinner closed early to my relief, and then my phone rang, Who was calling? It was that dude I met before Valentine oo.

He said we should meet up for drinks that I should indicate where I am that he would come pick me up. I was like Yass!! Let’s do this!! people of God ,Dude took me to a beer parlour on Valentine’s Day with my fine dress and makeup. If you see his friends eh.. They all look like drug addicts, they were just smoking and constituting a nuisance. I tried to be a lady by smiling through it all but mhen!! Water get level oo. I simply picked up my purse and told oga that I was leaving. He dropped me off at my junction and gave me 200 for transport fare. I got home around 11pm and I cried.
To round up my story ,Valentine’s Day is here again and no boo, I dated someone late last year but it ended January (story for another day) so here I am single to a stupor and Valentine’s Day is looming.

My location is Abuja and we all know how boring the city can be. I think I will just stay indoors and work cos I am still trying to balance my life here so no female friends for now. Who will be my Valentine?

  1. Miracle Offorma February 14, 2018
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