Who else was a victim of this?

It is called enema. I call it the dildo for shitting. 

Nigerian mothers usually give it to their toddlers to encourage them to shit even when they have no constipation problem.


 In some houses it is the solution for every sickness. 

The pump is usually filled with warm water, or salt solution then your mother places you on her lap and the water is pumped into the anus continuously until you feel an overwhelming urge to shit. For stubborn children like me an aunty needed to hold my hands or legs together while I struggle and cry your hearts out. 

Then you are released to go to the toilet before round 2 and round 3.


In my house during my childhood Saturday mornings were enema mornings. The thought of it makes me sick on Friday nights which gives my mother a stronger reason to chuck me.

One would think that this tortue ends once you pass the toddler stage. 


You will be promoted to the enema version 2.0 stage. (The phot below)

I was promoted at the tender age of 5 years old. 😭😭😭

I call this one the shit dialysis.

The one litre lid is filled with warm water or water from strange herbs and the lid is placed on a high surface while the end of the long pipe is inserted into the anus. 

Water starts entering your bowel again till you feel this strong urge to scatter a toilet. When you are released to go Usain Bolt got nothing on you. 

Once you are done shitting your soul you won’t even have the strength to get up from the WC. I just use to sit on the toilet and wonder if my mother was my really my real mother for her to put me through this torture. 😭

If you can’t relate you are lucky sha. I don’t miss this thing at all.

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