What is your brand’s claim to fame?

A reader drew my attention to a young photographer’s business account who was making suicide threats on his Insta Stories on Thursday.
He wrote depressing stuff like, “Death has come for me. I am sorry for doing this. Time to leave this world behind. I am just tired of the way I am treated.”

The last slide was the most disturbing. He said his final goodbyes and mentioned a hotel in Ogun State where his valuables where for those interested in inheriting them upon his death.

I panicked! Since there was a number linked to his IG account I tried to phone but I got a network error that it was switched off. There were no more updates on Insta Stories and I feared the worse might have happened. I kept phoning the number every one hour interval and it was still switched off. I was worried. The following day I called a friend who works at a popular travel agency to help me with the contacts of the hotel this guy had named. My friend went through the database and informed me they couldn’t find any hotel like that. 

The photographer’s number was off but I kept tabs on the account.

It wasn’t until yesterday a colleague of his put out his photo and warned those reading to take note of his scheming ways. He produced a couple of photo evidences and said the guy had concocted this stunt with the aim of going viral, getting more followers and more clients ultimately.

That was when Mr Suicide reemerged on Instagram claiming his account was hacked and the suicide threats were made by perpetrators trying to bring him down. These claims are clearly false to a keen observer. Same manner of writing, same Insta Stories canva coupled with being unnecessarily defensive in the comment section of a post he has deleted.

They are several crooked routes to fame but faking one’s death has to be the lowest. 

I am angry. 

Not just for the emotional turmoil I went through, but because this guy’s act has succeeded in making a mockery of real depression victims at the expense of 200-300 new followers. 

I hope his one minute of fame has been worth it. 

I hope so.

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