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Last Read and Finished: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Currently Reading: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Next Read:‎ Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

I was 9 when an uncle gifted me “An African Night Entertainment” i was sky-high excited at that time,i felt I was officially a “big girl” considering it was nothing like the few paged story books I was use to. This was to be my window to a whole new world! I’ve read just about anything and everything that catches my fancy since then,from books to magazines,newspapers,you name it. Though my genre has changed over the years,one thing is certain,i love a good storyteller/writer,someone who not only keeps me hooked but leaves me wanting more.
Late last year,i made a resolution to make deliberate efforts towards buying and reading more books and though my account hasn’t exactly been supportive,e-books have been my saving grace.
So far on my book shelf/ebook library,here are books that have been nothing but a sweet escape from the daily hustle and bustle to a world full of dreams and possibilities.

Americanah By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: You know how ghosts in Nollywood movies look on in admiration as their loved ones live their lives right? Right,that was me in Americanah,i was there the whole time. Many times I caught myself talking back at Ifemelu and on few occasions,i said “ceiling” the same time she did.
Americanah is a love story carefully entwined with all the baggage that comes with being black and growing up in a society that does very little for its own. My favorite quote being “But you know,we live in an ass-licking economy. The biggest problem in this country is not corruption. The problem is that there are many qualified people who are not where they are supposed to be because they won’t lick anybody’s ass, or they don’t know which ass to lick or they don’t even know how to lick an ass. I’m lucky to be licking the right ass. Aunty Uju to Ifemelu”
A book that holds your heart long after you’ve dropped it deserves a place on the shelf,so yes,i’ll definitely get the hard copy.

Milk and Honey By Rupi Kaur: Sadly,I got this too only in soft copy. It was recommended by a blogger/writer(@kezysblog on IG),my first thoughts were “poetry? Who the hell reads that???” How very wrong of me! Not only did I read this,i found myself screen grabbing almost all its pages! Milk and Honey is the kind of book that tugs hard on your feelings and leaves you wondering how someone could read your mind from a thousand miles away.
“You tell me to quiet down cause my opinions make me less beautiful but I was not made with fire in my belly so I could be put out,i was not made with lightness on my tongue so I could be easy to swallow,i was made heavy,half blade and half silk,difficult to forget and not easy for the mind to follow” just one of my many favorite quotes. Now i’m on the look out for Rupi,one of these days,i intend to search for anything at all written by her.

29,Single and Nigerian By Naijasinglegirl: This was my first addition to my library. The way I feel about this book goes a little beyond the words in it,take the rape and a few other things out and you have me in place of Edikan,a naive and determined young lady searching for greener pastures in the city.
29SN tells the story of the pressure the society has placed on every average Nigerian child,the pressure to create an identity,make a name,have something,be anything at all. Everything with George happened so fast,I had secretly hoped that will be Edikan’s happily ever after,turns out the writer had something different in mind. In all that humor lies the story.

Highly Intuitive People by Heidi Swaryer: I had spent a good part of my life believing I was broken,i believed more than anything that I needed to tune down on my feelings,i was “too sensitive,too emotional” the world clearly doesn’t need any of that but like many Highly Intuitive People,i never asked for intuitive ability,i didn’t understand or want it,I felt lost in a sea of aloneness, surrounded by people who didn’t seem to understand.
I’m that girl who feels every once of energy around me,i experience the energy of others as though it were mine,i don’t know what grey is cause with me,the switch is either on or off and that scared the hell out of me! Highly Intuitive People made me realize its okay to feel so deeply,its okay to be different and what’s more,there are millions of other people out there like me. This is one book i’ll read again and again till the pages are all worn out,luckily,i have it in hard copy! Yessssss!!!!

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks: How can i even summarize the story of a love so strong it overcame Alzheimer? I had seen the movie years back but judging from my experience with Gifted Hands (by Ben Carson) i knew the book will do more justice. This book touched my heart in places i never even thought existed,i cried my eyes out at some point(yes,i’m emotional like that).
The Notebook tells the love story of Allison Nelson,29 years old and engaged, a socialite,searching for answers she needed to know and Noah Calhoun, the dreamer, 31, visited by the ghost that had come to dominate his life.
Its scares me that this might just be the kind of love i believe in,not perfect but will last the test of time and season,and while i believe it exists,i’m just scared it may never find me…

Worthy Mentions: Why You Act The Way You Do,Anger is a Choice,Spirit Controlled Temperament all by Tim Lahaye God bless his soul,Gifted Hands by Ben Carson,Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey.

There are many more in my collection that i’ve read and totally loved,and many more waiting to be read but these five have done something i’ll rather call magic on me. So if you’ve read any of the above,let me know what you think of them and if you have your own recommendations,kindly pass it on,cause when it comes to reading,there is no finish line!
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