We are getting married next year

Right from the day I received my call up letter, I resolved in my heart never to date any guy. I had never been in a serious relationship before and it wasn’t going to start from NYSC. I went to my state of deployment with an open mind and made good friends in camp. 

After camp, NCCF bus took us to our LGA. I wasnt happy because i was posted to a village and immediately we got to the family house, I was very quiet and couldn’t relate with anyone (even though i am an extrovert). 
My phone which happened to be my companion needed to be charged but i didn’t have a charger, thanks to maami market for destroying it. I met Olamide in the sitting room and asked for his charger, after using it i couldn’t remember his face so i kept it till he came asking for it. He introduced himself and traveled home the next day for the two weeks break. 

After the two weeks break, we became friends. He is a complete introvert but somehow we just happen to relate very well. I could tell he was developing feelings for me but i wasn’t interested in all dat because he had someone he was dating back at home and he could just be a gentle yoruba demon (lol). I gave him some distance but twas as if I made him develop more feelings. 
He came out plain and asked me out, I was already having feelings for him too but I couldn’t just allow myself be the reason for their break up. He told me he was in the relationship out of pity and had been looking for d best way to come out. He said he was scared of breaking her heart but at the same time he couldn’t marry her out of pity. She is a good person and deserves true love and he wasn’t sure he could give her the love she deserves. I still refused though. After some months, he broke up with her and came to ask me out again. 
I was very skeptical at first, I was sacred, I didn’t want to be like some other corpers that were ‘enjoying themselves’ with no plan for the future. But amidst my fears, I decided to give him a chance. 

Things began to happen very fast, he was sooo drunk in love dat i was sacred I wont be able to return such amount of love back. We were always together, we prayed together, attended seminars together, traveled home together (we stay in d same state), applied for jobs together etc. This whole love thing was strange to me but i was enjoying every bit of it. 

Fast forward to 2 years later, we had been through a lot togther but in all we came out as better persons. We introduced ourselves to our families, dey didn’t agree at first because of our tribal difference. I am igbo, he is yoruba. It was a serious battle but through prayer we prevailed and finally dey agreed and we are now working on a feasible date for our wedding next year. 

Looking back at how it all started, I am grateful to God and NYSC for posting me to a village and that i didn’t influence my posting. Yes, many NYSC relationships end up as a waste of time but there are still some good guys and good girls out there, you just have to shine your eyes and know what you want. I am a living witness.


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