The valley and shadow of Oyingbo Market

This week has been interesting.I’m still exhausted from my trip to Oyingbo Market yesterday.

I walked through the shallow and valley of that market yesterday looking for cheap foodstuff after some of my IG followers told me I could buy yam for as low as N100. Na so!

When I expressed my frustration on how the market is as expensive as every other market in Lagos they said it’s because I didn’t go by 5am.

5am in the market because of food? Mba! I’d rather starve.

I also attempted suicide yesterday evening with this combo.

The deadly combo we were warned about in our childhood.
Me writing this is proof that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
Moving on to less depressing news this week. I discovered where to buy fantastic jollof rice in Lagos.


The lady’s name is Iya Togo and she is situated at the car wash beside Conoil at Alagomeji Bustop in Yaba, directly opposite Diamond bank. I think jollof itself is overrated but this particular one was good. I tasted garlic flavor in my rice which made the rice even better and now I am here reconsidering my stance on garlic. 😖😖😖
She also sells ewa goin too.

I tried the jollof woman ewa goin today.

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On more good news, I also passed the second stage of a fellowship i applied for and I pray the almighty God will not cut my expectations short.
I found a solution to a problem that gave me sleepless nights for months and I crossed a major item on my to-do list this year. All this in one week.

I am thankful for small victories.

Breakfast time.

How are you?

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