Topic of the week: Sexuality Struggles

So I’m just going to share one of my struggles with you all.I’m a young lady who will be 25 this year. I have loved God all my life and was brought up in a strict Christian home, I know what is permissible within the confines of my religion and I also know the acts considered to be  an abomination.

I have been with boys all my life but recently I’ve noticed an attraction to girls. I know getting as far as giving a girl head is out of place for me, but sometimes I just want to suck and fondle another lady’s boobs. I know it is unacceptable and pretty much a NO , considering my family and Christian beliefs.
I don’t like to feel this way but I cant help it. 

One of the reasons I’m writing is because for once I want to feel like I’ve been able to discuss this with some one else and feel a bit lighter.

Please what can I do?

I don’t know if that is suppose to mean I’m bisexual or something. 

Anyone been there?

Coincidentally this is our topic for this week. Someone sent me similar post a week ago though he asked me to not publish. A guy struggling with his sexuality. He said he’s been with girls and guys, a habit that started from boarding school but he derives more sexual fulfillment from a guy. Just like the poster the guy said he is a chorister in church and he doesn’t know how to deal with the guilt or get ‘delivered’.

I didn’t know what to advise him reason I settled for making this our weekly topic. 

 I’d appreciate submissions from people who have been there – straight, curved, confused, or anybody. 

Is there a way of overcoming this?

You can send me an email at naijasinglegirl @ gmail. com or if you’d like to remain anonymously anonymous, you can send your post via the comment section using my email naijasinglegirl@ gmail .com in the email column of the comment box.

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