To The Millennial Woman

By Blessing Enenaite

Strength comes in different dimensions. Women possess a great level of strength that they can ever imagine.


Dear Millennial Woman,

You are more than what the society potrays you: a wife and mother whose use lies mostly in the living room, the kitchen and in the other room. Your grace, your love, your strength, your courage is more befitting than acting a fiddle in a society warped into cowering you because of tales of ethics and tradition. You are capable of scaling heights. The unimaginable can be achieved if you set your heart to it.


Aim, work and shoot for your purpose in life. The challenges that you encounter, wrought by the incongruities in the society is not greater than your will to succeed. Strive for excellence. Be the millennial woman whose dependance lies not in the favours that the society may bestow on her. Because of her gender. But for the fact that she has been able to work her way to the top.


You are not created a woman so that you can live off anybody. You are a woman because you are strong enough to be who you desire to. Stretch your wings and fly. You do not necessarily have to be an Oprah Winfrey, a Folorunsho Alakija, a Serena Williams, a Joke Sylva, or a Linda Ikeji. But you can definitely be you. You possess the might. You need to start from somewhere. Do not compel yourself to start big but you must aim big. Start up with an idea, grow it and watch it blossom. You have to dare for something great. Do not settle for less. Settling for less is not contentment. There is much more to life than shielding under mediocrity. Be great. Stand out. Let your goal excite you.


Do you desire a degree? Set a plan for it. Have you ever thought about owning your own establishment? Work towards it. How about creating a life of success centred on achievements? Aim, act and watch it become yours. You will encounter challenges but you are greater than your challenges. Do not be petrified. Stay strong. Live for now. Live for tommorow. Live for the future. Do not sacrifice your dreams on the altar of society’s norms. Be whom you desire. You can if you aspire to.


Grow beyond your physical beauty. Staying beautiful is not a crime. In fact, it can boost your self confidence. I could have simply affirmed that your physical beauty would boost your self confidence but it is pertinent to note that there are so many beauties out there with a low self esteem. Their beauties have not taken them to any height apart from daily compliments which do nothing for them beyond putting a smile on their faces which lasts as the flash in a pan.


Millenial woman, be purposeful. You can be whatever you work towards. Improve on yourself. Have something working for you. I do not assure you that the road will be smooth but the challenges are worth the glory later. Do not throw a pity party when life hits you. You sure need some persons whom you can draw strength from regularly but do not be a leech. Every shoulder may have a burden already hanging there. Draw strength from within. Seek for ways to motivate yourself apart from drawing public sympathy. Your strength lies within you. However, whenever you need someone to voice your heart to, do not hesitate to do so. Never wallow in silence.


Do not let the pains of life cower you. Live beyond the blood that trickles down your thighs every other month. Your womanhood is beyond visiting the labour room. Dare to be great. You have the brain. You have the tenacity. You have the grace. Utilise your strength. Dare to have a dream. Do not just live for others. Live for yourself. Achieve for yourself. Your background is not an excuse. Eschew excuses. Be positive minded.

Break from the norm. Do not relent until you achieve. The success that comes afterwards, let it be a reward, in itself.


Author’s Bio:

Blessing Enenaite is a writer who is poised to carve a niche for herself in the arts world. A Business Administration graduate of Delta State University, Blessing is the recipient of BN Blog’s Young Poet Of The Year Award. She is based in Lagos. She can be reached on

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