The Wedding Party 2 Review

One or two spoilers ahead. 

I finally saw The Wedding Party 2 my friends and enemies warned me about.

First, I had to endure 27 minutes of movie trailers/ads.

The movie finally begins with the accidental marriage proposal of Nonso Onwuka played by Enyinna Nwigwe to Deidre Winston played by Daniella Down. 

Two scenes later we are greeted with what looks like an episode from Zee World, The Winstons in their family home in London. 

It starts to get interesting with the introduction of Mr Winston who in my opinion was the star of the show. His character was interesting, his acting was fantastic, and the comic reliefs from his end were second to none.


Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for some of our favorite characters in the prequel. Our dear Tin Tin was reduced to a Laisisi Elenu.

Frank Donga scenes were forced.

Patience Ozokwor replicated the antagonistic role of Mrs Onwuka in part one. Couldn’t we get something new?

It also looked like the producers struggled with how to keep BankyW and Adesua ‘busy’ in this movie, and those who actually had something to do e.g Ikechuwku and Somkele reprised their former roles as the wedding destroyer and the ride or die friend respectively.
Characters like Wonu (Zainab B), Rosie (Beverly N), AY, Chiwetalu Agu, Saka, & Wofai were a waste of screen time and Dubai Plane tickets. 


With all these cameo appearances and a good number of A-list actors/actresses, there was barely enough time to focus on Nonso Onwuka and his bride, the supposed stars of the movie. Their chemistry could have been better, the scenes were disjointed and they left a number of questions on my lips like why a British girl is having an Igbo traditional marriage and the explanation behind the strange time lapses in the movie. 


In summary, it was enjoyable but a letdown from part one even though it isn’t as bad as some critics made it seem. I have no regrets seeing this movie. For starters the goal of the producers have been achieved.


-My ticket fee has been added to the TWP2 fast rising earnings. Yay!

-The destination marketing was a success. NSG wants to visit Dubai too.

-Curiosity will take me back to the cinema when TWP3 with Somkele and Ikechuwku is out.

Destination South Africa or Nnewi?

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