Stop FAT shaming Women!

By World’s Brightest

I was in a bar taking my regular ‘drip’, I looked around and I smiled. It’s been a while I had this kind of time to relax, vacation is sweet.

A man walked in and walzted straight to my table and asked for his brand of ‘drip’, in less than one minute it was supplied, mortuary standard, with all the sweat around it. Damn!

He raises a glass and points it to me and said ‘Life’s good’
‘Life’s good’ I responded raising my own glass.

As we were receiving our required ‘medication’ in silence, one plus sized lady and her partner walked in and took a table.
My new friend bent his head a little and said in Igbo
‘ifuro kọ ra’ (See how fat/big she is),
β€Žhe laughedddddd, then said
β€Ž ‘akpa’kpu’ (bag of fufu) and continued laughing

I didn’t find it funny so I wasn’t smiling.

At first I was wandering whether it’s the alcohol, but it’s just 2 glasses.
It’s definitely not the alcohol.

This man fat shaming this beautiful woman is almost as big as she is!
His tummy looks like where 2 crates of gulder and 4 basket balls were struggling for space supremacy characterized by the super rhythmic movements anytime he adjust his seat.

I was pissed!

What right has he? ‘akpa beans’ (bag of beans) like him! I was angry but since I was not in a very familiar place, I mellowed. (Before they ‘arrange’ me)

A month after, I was back in Las gidi, home sweet home. I went to see a client and was waiting for him at the reception, I met a lady there, sat beside her, immediately another lady came obviously on the big side especially the waist area, after conversing with the receptionist, she came straight and more like squeezed herself in the remaining seat provided for 3 people, I had to adjust and encroach into the other lady’s seat space. This did not go down will with her, she was just hissing, cursing, whining, adjusting etc

Fortunately the older plus sized lady was called to see who she came to see. Immediately she stood, I adjusted and the younger lady blurted out ‘Eri bo se ri bi elede’ i turned sideways sharply only for her to add ‘obokun’ (cat fish).
I was shocked!

Oh my world! a woman fat shaming another woman! What has this this world turned into?
Is it now a criminal offense to be big? Huh?

I think everyone needs to be reminded a few things about women and weight.

  1. Women related activities are related to weight gain.
    Every activity women do is inclined to weight gain! If you think it’s easy to stay off food, try cooking for the house for one week, you will definitely consume more.
    Also try carrying a baby for 9 months, eat like a whale, go through the strenuous process of child birth, post -natal depression, breast feeding (which also requires heavy eating) etc.
    Most people expect women to close their eyes and open and they are back to normal!

  2. It’s not easy to lose 1/2kg
    December last year, I was weighing 86.5kg, I stopped checking my weight again until February, I decided to loose weight, by June, I was weighing 75kg, by September, 72kg.
    Was it easy? Hell no.
    I can comfortably write a book on what I went through. Most importantly, it was only possible with my wife’s support! She did all the cooking and Packaging, without her I won’t drop shingai!
    Plus all I do at home is work, TV, game, sleep then little exercise
    For a woman, it’s more crazy. Where’s the time to exercise when even in the middle of the night, they are still working (carrying over sized babies, who loves things between their legs)
    Where’s the time? Where’s the strength? Where’s the motivation?

E no easy for Ezekiel!

  1. Men loose faster
    It’s important to note here that most men loose weight 2x faster than women (reconfirm from Google).
    What it means is that for a woman with my body type, she will loose half of the weight I lost between February and September doing exactly what I did! Is that not difficult enough?

  2. The bigger may be better
    My wife is bigger than me, she’s almost 10kg bigger than me, but trust me, if not for health reasons, I prefer her this way as every asset is well represented now.
    Some people become very ugly and probably shapeless when they loose weight, this can affect their self esteem and confidence.
    As for as am concerned if not for health reasons, certain women look better when they are plum than when slim

  3. Support, don’t criticize
    After child birth a lot of women enter into post natal depression. This part of the world, depression is not taken seriously. If you look at most marriages there’s always a change after the first child birth.
    Food is one thing depressed people find solace in just to be happy.
    In addition, people don’t support them during that period, all we do is criticize, expecting them to be robots and still perform the magic they were performing before child birth.

If you see a plus sized lady instead of reminding her of her never ending struggles of weight loss by making derogatory comments, why not say

‘Babe, you look good, just imagine how hot your legs will be if you loose small weight? Omo na traffic sure Pass’

Madam after 3 children, you look this good? If you dare loose small weight, if am your husband I will send a body guard after you’ etc

Support them by joining them in weight loss activities at their pace, encourage them, stop dehumanizing them, cos e no easy

Finally, I heard the problem of a woman is another woman, I never believed it until I saw that lady criticize another woman just for been big? It’s not fair abeg

Take out your frustrations on those plus sized men with pot bellies who have sworn never to loose weight but would expect their wife to be Agbani Darego after 7 children.
Oshi oda nile pako!

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