Stay at home babe

I’m not sure I have anything interesting that happened outdoor to write about today. Mondays are usually my stay at home days so I have basically been in bed all day. Doesn’t mean I have been sleeping or resting, ‘bed’, because that is only place one can sit or lie in my room house.

For the past three days I have been having mostly cereal and yoghurt parfait which has finished. Now I just have Tummytank’s white soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I lost the zeal to cook ever since an IG follower warned me of the high risk of my camp gas exploding. Been so scared. Now I resort to using my microwave when I need any food that requires heat in its preparation.

Speaking of IG, its been my best companion whenever I feel alone. I love the entertainment , I love the people who follow me, I love how it’s so easy to connect with celebs there.

This afternoon I reposted two of the embarrassing stories there (The Yaba Market and the Pad falling out)

The second story touched a number of people. Honestly I didn’t think much about it when the writer sent in her submission because having gone through a similar experience, (using foam from an old mattress and the foam used in wrapping fragile equipment like TV set as pad which even fell off one time.) it felt normal reading the poster’s story. It was after I read the comments here and on Instagram that I realized this was too much for a teenager to bear. No girl should be allowed to go through that.

Based on that post, someone has even started a campaign to donate 30 sanitary pads to girls in public secondary school every month.

Thank you so much!!! #Repost @house_of_temi ・・・ I read a story on @naijasinglegirl's page. I guess it was supposed to be an enjoyable read but it broke my heart so so much. It was about a young lady who couldn't afford sanitary pads and had to use rags as substitute and i know alot of other young girls still do this cos they cant afford 450naira every month to buy pad. So many things we take for granted and are not grateful for till someone's story wakes us up. I want to be my sister's keeper and that is why from the end of october, @house_of_temi will be giving out 30 sanitary pads every month to public secondary school students in Lagos state. However, we want to increase that volume to over 100 hopefully with your help. Please, if you would love to be a part of this, you can 1) drop off sanitary pads at our address or we'll send a dispatch rider to get it from you. 2) donate a sum so we can purchase the pads ourselves. 3) purchase a headband from us and we'll use the proceeds to get 4 sanitary pads per headband. 4) tag your friends to be a part of this too. I am challenging @kachiuju @lady_sandeeva @efunsola @iamlatyf @creamcityinteriors to help with sanitary pads so we can get to 50pads. Thanks. You can send a dm if you have further questions on how to participate. Thanks 😊 Every month, we'll make available the amount of pads we are able to disburse for transparency purposes. #sanitarypads #HOT #HOTCSR #sanitarypadaids

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With your support she can do more. Please DM her or mail me if you’d like to be a part of this noble cause.

The box of cupcakes will be going to the Yaba girl since she is the second contender. A follower of my page took it upon herself to send money to the pad girl. She says she wants to stay anonymous. Thank you again for your kind generosity if you are reading this. You have made my day.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog and the readers one way or the other from day one.

God bless and goodnight


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