Should I Break Free or Remain Caged?

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Hi NSG, Happy new year to you and all the amazing bvs, and may 2018 be the “perfect” year for you and yours.
I am presently at a cross road and will appreciate if you can help post this for other bvs opinions and advice.

My story, if decided to be told will take us till the end of the month. So, I will just try to make it as simple and uncomplicated as I can.

The issue is this; I have to make a choice between applying for a job in a polytechnic situated in my “hamlet” where there is 60% assurance of getting the job, and going out of town to a place that holds just better promises and lots of challenges.

For one who has literarilly been caged for years( I have spent over 2 years post NYSC being a miserable classroom teacher with a salary of 5K) with a Mum who wouldn’t let me go job hunt but uses little opportunity to taunt my life, as I seem to be a guest that has overstayed her welcome, and a family that makes sure you don’t go to sleep or wake in peace. I made up my mind that 2018 is the year I will brace up and leave town for good, but I honestly wants to do that with my Mum’s blessings.

I had it all planned out with a family friend who is to convince my Mum to make me go with him (note that I’m a lady), there was supposed to be an accommodation and a fat chance of getting something manageable to do within the first two to three weeks. Only for another family friend to inform my Mum who had an unserious person image painted about me, this polytechnic job. And Mr First Friend is now saying accommodation is now an issue cause the said available accommodation is at his house and ‘he can’t make decisions that will lead him to blaming the devil tommorow’.

I probably would have put on my coward cap and go the easiest way, hoping I will last two-three months before I get depressed again, but the salary is nothing encouraging and using Mr FF is my only chance of leaving without drama and threats of being disowned 😢

So, I am thorn between rejecting a job, to raise money for accommodation out of town, which I have no idea how to go about it for now, and accepting the job and remain stagnant and miserable.

Should I take the risk and test the waters or go for the polytechnic’s job and continue being frustrated by my family?


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