She tried to snatch my boyfriend

Who doesn’t have bad friends or hasn’t had bad friends or even been a bad friend self.

This is my first post ever and please ill love to remain anonymous. So while in school, i had this course mate who became stranded at the end of our first year second semester and she needed a place to stay while she finished up her clearance for the hostel accommodation while i stayed off campus.
I was supposed to travel that same day she came but i gave her my key and left her in y room and asked my boyfriend to keep an eye on her while i was away.
Apparently, they knew each other already but she feigned familiarity when i introduced them and even my boyfriend kept calling her pet name, she didn’t bulge. I sha left them and traveled only for me to come back and find out that she offered herself as a living sacrifice to my boyfriend to be devoured and of course he declined. She had no idea i knew and she eventually became my roommate for a year and left when she couldn’t cope with the PDA my boyfriend and i kept on with. I had on several occasions caught her cheap moves cos as at that time, the man was hooked on me.
When she decided to tell me, she said like it might make me break up with him and started begging on his behalf. I simply laughed at her and told her i knew all along. The look on her face was priceless. And when people ask what happened between us, she doesn’t know what to say or gives an excuse of how she missed hostel life. I kept waiting for gossip so i’ll bury her but no, babe was smart to keep shut.
By Anonymous
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