She accused me of trying to snatch her boyfriend

So I had this friend in school who I met through a mutual friend who happened to be my roomie and course mate as well so she was always coming to our place. We were in the same department but we were just the “Hi” and “Hello” friends.

Things turned when we both stayed back in school during one semester break (my home was hell) and we got really close. So one fateful day, she started pouring her heart out to me about the boyfriend; how he cheats and doesn’t treat her well but she couldn’t leave cos she loved him and blab la… Then an evil spirit entered her and she asked me to call him up anonymously and talk to him to see if he falls for me (my voice, diction, choice of words and vocabs are bae). Silly me agreed to it not knowing I was digging my own grave.

I called him up with my number, cooked up some story about how we met years ago and how disappointed I was that he couldn’t remember me coupled with some vital details she had given me already; he believed me indeed. I asked that we see the next day and he agreed to it.

He lived in another state and had promised to come see her that same next day, she was crushed and heartbroken. I consoled and spoke to her as a friend on the need to move on and get someone better…….Story!

He called some more after that first call that same day until I told her to just confront him which she did, all that same day. He gave some flimsy reasons as to why he “played along” but still apologized that he couldn’t make it down the next day.

End of story, right? Wrong!

School resumed and I became the topic of discuss amongst my close clique.  None of them confronted me because she made them promise not to but I finally got the gist from my roomie after much asking on what was up. She lied that I stole her boyfriend’s number from her phone and called him trying to tarnish her image about why she didn’t travel back and all what not. How the boyfriend was so angry and wanted coming to warn me to back off and stop disturbing him.

I went mad with rage, searched for the so called boyfriend’s number to call him but it wasn’t on my call log anymore. I was angry with everyone

  • My Friends for not having the decency to confront me and knowing what I was capable of.
  • The Ex friend for telling such lies against me. Later learnt that she was a terrible and reflex liar
  • The Boyfriend for even picking up when I


Needless to say, that changed everything about how I viewed female friends and that mentality still sticks till date.

PS: We never spoke again till we were done and she’s tried reaching out on social media a couple of time but nah, I’m still not over it. And the relationship ended even before the end of the new semester.


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