Sexual Orientation – Responses

These are the responses to our topic for this week. Two of them. It’s relieving to know everyone is okay. :)

I have been there

I read the post about the lady who is suddenly attracted to ladies and I can relate. I have been there. I attended a boarding school. It affected my orientation and when I started dating,I found ladies attractive even than guys. I did made out with a couple of girl friends and it got me confused if I was a bisexual or not.

Eventually I fell in love with a guy. I stuck with him for years. No attraction to girls,I mean I still see big boobs and wish …but then it’ll end there, I worked on my mind. I dismiss the thoughts immediately it comes up because of the love I had for the guy. So I think it’s a thing of the mind. When that relationship ended, I tripped again and made out with a girl once while I was drunk…since then even though I’m single I’ve been able to stick to being straight. The poster should just discipline the mind and be determined…it might just be curiosity or loneliness.

It’s however not easy.


God loves us

I am writing in respect of the “sexuality matters”.

I am straight and Christian so here goes:

There is no struggle uncommon to man, they are not alone in their struggles and they should not be weighed down by feelings of guilt and shame. God is not an accuser, HE just wants to love and help us. God is with us whether we believe it or not. He is near and he hates sin but not the sinner. He loves us with an everlasting (forever and ever and ever and ever) love.

God is waiting for them to talk to Him, Listen to Him and be willing to stay the course.

God loves us beyond our capacity to fully comprehend it but it does not make His love invalid.

I will keep them in my prayers and if they would like to talk to someone I am happy to be reached but I will need a heads up to create an anon account so that they can be comfortable to communicate.



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