Returning to Lagos from Accra

I am leaving Ghana after an exciting one week spent in Togo and Ghana. It was most things I imagined it would be, both the pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Getting lost, crossing borders, language barriers, getting cheated, losing money to Jumia Travel, ‘non national’ segregation, weird looking meals, losing my color,meeting other travelers, meeting people offering to guide me at no cost, dining properly, Ghana jollof…I could go on and on.


Still can’t believe I went on this trip given the short timing. 

I am still road tripping back to Nigeria and if I have my way I would stay a night or two in Benin Republic but I think all my adrenaline is finished and I will save 🇧🇯 for some other time.

21 hours on the road in the past one week has been crazy, with another journey to make from Ghana to The Batya. I won’t lie. I am exhausted. Regardless I still look forward to more travels and I hope I can focus on the stress of this trip if post depression blues attempts to disturb my peace when I am fully settled in Nigeria.


I want to thank everyone who made this journey seamless for me. Those who offered to host me, those who offered to take me out, those who bought my books in Ghana, the 33 year old anonymous guy, nigerianabroad who literally saved me from getting stranded in strange man’s land, my Delta friend who wouldn’t want his handle mentioned and everyone following me who found my posts ‘useful’.


I got a lot of questions and I will try to answer them when I am compiling the events of my trip including the cost breakdown in a post or video- my Youtube page is NaiaSuperGirl – please subscribe.

For now it’s shalom until I am settled. Bye Bye.


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