Re: Should I Break Free or remain Caged?

By Cherrydoc

I stayed in my comfort zone for far too long, guess where it got me? Nowhere. So starting this year, I’m breaking out. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

Let me tell us a story, but I will start with a few pertinent questions:
Do you really want to go follow your dreams?
Do you really want to wade into the wild muddy waters of city life with all it’s uncertainties and endless but sometimes discreet opportunities?
Do you want to go against the tides and take the bull by the horn by breaking out?


Would you rather remain in your ‘comfort’ (though there is nothing comfortable about a monthly pay of 5k) zone?
If your answer is‘No’to the last question, congratulations! You have passed the first huddle. And believe me, there will be many, even more daunting huddles, but ain’t nothing good ever come easy.
To our Story Proper:
Sa’adatu Bola Nkechi was torn between Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump. She stated saving between 500 – 1k/Month, did other side hustles in the village, raised small capital and moved to the city. She didn’t look for a fine BQ, Self Contained Apartment or a 3 bedroom flat. The downtown of the city was where she started, you know, those shanties (batchers) where people pay as low as 1k per month.

Because she knew, ego had never put food on anyone’s table before. Her determination to succeed drove her into hustling (and by that i do not mean the typical naija runs girl’s idea of hustle). She was not ashamed to dress neatly in her cheap but well fitting clothes and sell sachet water in traffic, plus other hustles. She hustled hard, She prayed, She applied for jobs too when she could. You know what the Bible says about someone diligent in their work? They will stand before great men. It was only a matter of time before she broke out.

But just in case that’s an option too difficult, there is a plot in this story where our brother Emeka Femi Abdul, didn’t go through the above ‘Suffering’. He took up the Polytechnic job and his Salary jumped to 20-30k. What a huge pay rise of about 300-500%. It sure made a lot of difference in his life, albeit, in the interim. He could afford a nice watch and perfume. Even the girl he had been asking out suddenly ‘fell in LOVE’ with him. Hell, he even got his mama a piece of wrapper, she stopped berating him, although not for long. But here’s the rest of it:

He went full throttle into bureaucracy, became complacent, got used to the system. 10yrs later he finds out he is still a junior or best case scenario, a mid level staff, promoted twice in that period and being owed salary like the rest of the college staff, going to school to beg the proprietor(tress) to give hin sometime more to raise the money for his kids’ school fees. You see, responsibilities ‘comfort’ and complacency are very excellent tools in sending dreams down the drain. But hey bro, look on the bright side, at least you are not earning 5k per month.

Well, if that seems too difficult, there is always a better choice, one less stressful and more assured. Thats the thing about life stories, we can make our own choices. So in this plot, Efe Imaobong Ojoma can decide to continue in her present job. Her mom will still nag, but hell that’s all she will do. At least she has a roof over her head and food to eat. And the icing on this ‘awesome’ stress-free life is, someday a village champion will come and ask for her hand in marriage. Great news, at least he gets her mom wrappers, goodies, and settles family the much he can. Her takes up her needs and she doesn’t have to worry anymore about them anymore…well, technically not anymore.
…Once she gets to his house, reality sets in. He puts her in the family way, and the children start coming, so she has to open a stall in the village to ‘support’ hubby (assuming he doesn’t become the lazy village drunkard or womanizer who doesn’t care for his family). But in the case it happens, she is a strong woman and can take care of the whole family. She will go to bush market and buy wares to sell, weed people’s farms, help harvest their yams and cassava & get given a token, etc. You see, there a lot of jobs she could do in the villages too and it’s not really that bad.
SO WHAT’S IT GOING TO BE SWEETHEART? Forward, Backward or Stagnation?

PS: Big Ups to our mamas and papas in the village, who didn’t have the opportunities we are presented with today. I’m talking about those of them who had to go through some of the most difficult of situations, do the most difficult jobs and survive under the most inhumane conditions just to get us to where we are today. The least we can do is to strive to be better than them, and give them a better life. They deserve to live their old age in comfort – if not in affluence – and happiness.
If anyone could here, please download and listen/watch “Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway”
PS: Happy New Year to all of us here!
For those of who 2017 was not so fair to, may 2018 be the start of beautiful things for us!
For those who thrived, may it continue double fold and more this year!
All together, may the lines fall in beautiful places for us ALL this 2018!

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