Re: Rape and Beg


This started off as a comment but I decided to write to you instead, you can publish if you wish. This story is a case of rape. He should have stopped when she said no. This happens to alot of married women, you are tired but hubby wants it at all costs. You don’t want to fight, you haven’t any energy, so you say no. He either guilt trips you into having sex with you, or he tells you not to worry and does what the olodo did. no means no guys, stop the dog and bone analogies. Spending a night in a man’s house does not give him a right over your body. This belief that men possess and control the female form should stop. You have rights over your WIFE…not every woman. Tamar in the bible was raped by her brother in his house and God punished him for it. Mind you sibling/ cousin marriage was practiced then…sarah and Abraham were examples. Would you blame Tamar for the rape? 

In university, I had a boyfriend of two years. He was ok with the celibacy thing, we’d visit each other and hung out alone. Sometimes we kissed and touched but stopped once I said No. One day he RnB’d me. I was stupid to accept his apology, he cried and seemed remorseful. I went on to continue a rocky relationship with him for 5 years after that. My brain didn’t get a reset fully until last 2 year, when I stumbled on chats between him and his brother about me. I called off the engagement and moved on with my life.

I am a smart, intelligent woman…booksmart. when I think back, I don’t believe I could have let myself be a victim like this. The worst feeling is the inability to forgive yourself for being in a vulnerable position.

Ladies, if you ever find yourself in the lady’s position become an actress…Vomit, have an asthma attack, become karashika if you have to. DO NOT CRY AND BEG. And NEVER accept that you asked for it! 

Lastly Dante, you’re trying too hard to be the devil’s advocate. Keep the comments short and sweet, then hide your conscience when it peeks!

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