Payback is a B

My brother was supposed to visit me from Ibadan today. I told him to help me buy beef for stew and come before afternoon so I can cook on time. I’ll refund him.12pm he was yet to leave. I was unhappy but I took it in good faith since I was observing the fast. 


I broke my fast at 2pm and he was still in Ibadan wasting my time. No meat for me to cook with so I delayed my cooking. I was really hungry.


I called him by 4pm to tell him how unfair he bas been and he said he is in a vehicle to Lagos. I knew he was lying. I just respected myself and went to make cereal.


Around 7:30pm I sent him a message on my family Whatsapp group that whenever he arrives Lagos he should look for where to stay for a few hours since he loves night travel and he has succeeded in keeping me hungry, that I was going out to my friend’s house to eat and I won’t return till 11pm. He didn’t acknowledge the message.


A few minutes ago he called to say he is at my street and I should come open the gate for him. I asked if he didn’t see my message, that I am not a home and he should look for where to go till I return. Then I ended the call. He called back and started laughing, telling me sorry and he knows I am lying. I told him I was serious and I ended the call again. Then I peep-toed to gate and from my fence, I saw him standing opposite my compound covered in Ibadan dust. He’s still there and I feel pity for him but I won’t open the gate until 9:30pm.

Payback is a B.

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