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Lengthy/boring(for those who don’t like romance fiction) post alert

Last Read and Finished: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Current read: ermmmm,still having a bit of a hangover so nahhh

Next Read: The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes
Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L James(fifty shades -of grey-darker-freed): Tells the story of Christian Grey,the most eligible bachelor in Seattle(abused from teen years and grew into a man with “singular” taste) and Anastasia Steele,a naive Eng-lit major and an “incurable romantic”

He was her kryptonite and she was his,their love saved him from himself,but there’s a lot from his past…here is the thing about pain/the past,they demand to be felt,you try to bury/hide from it but most times,they catch up with you and force you to face them head on! His past is coming for him,coming for their happily ever after,just how much can she take??? Find out in this intriguing erotic romance series!

My favorite part of the book? The mails and their(Mr Grey and Miss Steele’s) conversations which most times disintegrates into insanely romantic “arguments!”. Boyyy! it was hot and funny and everything in-between. And oh,the erotic scene were well written! #JustSaying.

P.S: Amazon’s newly unveiled “Mini-rainforest” called the sphere is the new cool in Seattle,relationship people looking for exotic places to tour with la boo this valentine,the sphere is a great idea,just google the pics and see for yourself.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks: I picked this right after the fifty shades trilogy,BIG MISTAKE! I was still basking in the euphoria of my last read,i should have stayed off a bit longer,savored the moment,but no,i denied having a hangover and went right ahead to pick safe haven,for the first time in the movie-or-book war,i chose the movie! This wasn’t fair as Nicholas is a terrific writer(the notebook comes to mind) but it is what it is!

A story of love turned obsession and abuse . Katie finally got away to a small town far away,changed her identity,found love and tried burying her past…but you know what they say about the past,it always,always comes haunting! How long before her abusive husband finds her again? Can she trust her heart to keep her safe???

Though I didn’t enjoy this as much as I should,it was a good read and my first time reading about ghosts in a foreign novel.

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi kaur: My first read this year! I had waited for so long to get this and when I finally did,it was worth the wait! A collection of poetry about growth,healing,self love,honoring your roots and finding your own “home”.

I think for most authors (and people generally in the entertainment industry) a major challenge is beating your first record! Rupi did that effortlessly! I feel so excited to have given poetry a chance,look what I would have been missing! Again,i ended up screen grabbing almost all its pages,some of my favorites include

“We have been dying
since we got here
And forgot to enjoy the view
Live fully”

“You were mine
And my life was full
You are no longer mine
And my life is full”

“When it came to listening
My mother taught me silence
If you are drowning their voice with yours
How will you hear them she asked”

Enough spoilers already,don’t say “I am not a poetry person” until you’ve read “Milk and Honey” and “The sun and her flowers” both by Rupi Kaur. In fact,every lady should read it,i mean it.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: So much I want to say about this book. It broke me,made me cry my eyes out…I taught seeing the movie would make it easier,how wrong of me. You think you are sarcastic? Wait until you meet Will Treynor! A man who was handed the shittiest of cards by fate,in pains and unable to come to terms with the man he now is,he gave his family six months,six months until he goes to Switzerland for dignitas,but Louisa Clark came along!

Hell bent on making Will see things differently,she laid her whole heart before him with every ounce of emotion in her…his response? “its not enough”! She called him selfish,hell I called him selfish! But how do you accuse someone of something and turn right around to be the exact same thing? There is no getting better,his will be a life of pains and waking up everyday wishing it was over…in the end,love did conquered,but not in the way I hoped,he chose Dignitas!

Here is the thing about reading,each book leads you to another,sometimes to research,and the new words keep pilling up! Prior to reading “Me before you”,i never knew a word like “Dignitas” existed,had no idea what it meant but now,knowing it breaks my heart even more,I’ve read stories of people in real life taking that part,and thousands more waiting to…aside sad,I still don’t know how else I feel about it.

Me before you is not just a fictional love story,its a story around a topic that will in no distant future,be an issue of world concern! To those still asking if they should read it,read it!

I’m still having a bit of a hangover but its time to move on,I can’t stay in there forever now can I? I know I said “The girl you left behind” but I’m open to trying out other genres,something to totally knock me off,something along Sidney Sheldon maybe? Where them fans at? Which Sidney Sheldon do you recommend???

Its weekend,what are you currently reading? What’s your take on Dignitas? Have you read any of the above? What’s your review?


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