NYSC: When I brought a man home

P, a close camp friend phoned to ask if he could pass two nights at my place because he had a project management examination to write and no place to stay in town since he lived an hour away.

In my compound, my boyfriendless status was one of the topics of discussion among my neighbours. As at that time, a total of seven corp members were living in my compound.
I overheard them say stupid stuff like, “XXX (inserts my name) has never ever brought a guy here.”
“XXX is our sister Mary.”
I knew that when P comes, all of them would jump to the conclusion he is my boyfriend so the night before then, I joined in the compound gossip.

I asked if any of them had enrolled for P’s exam. Then I mentioned I had a friend from camp fellowship arriving the following day to squat at mine because he doesn’t have a place to sleep.

The evening P arrived at my house, my neighbours were hailing from their windows, “XXX boyfriend is here!” “Welcome XXX boyfriend.”

P was smiling as he strode into my house rather than refute their claims. He was even wearing his NYSC uniform as if they gave birth to him in NYSC camp.

He spent less than an hour with me and later excused himself to say hi to my neighbours who he referred to as ‘his fellow corp members.’


Side note: I use to be a very paranoid person.


Three hours after, P was not back. The time was 9pm. I was prancing around my room like an angry mother hen. Then P walked in with a plate of watery beans.

“Where did you get that food from?” I asked.
He said my neighbours at the mini flat were cooking so they offered him.
“And you collected? That’s why you didn’t come home in time because you were waiting for their food to be ready? Now someone would think I don’t feed you here!”
He said it was not that serious, then he asked what I cooked. I said rice&stew but it was no longer his business, HE SHOULD EAT HIS WATERY BEANS IN PEACE.
He said I am dramatic.
“I hope you didn’t tell them we would be doing anything this night?”
“Doing what?” He questioned.
“Never mind.” I said, and then I excused myself to the backyard of the compound to make a phone call to my male best friend.

“If you invite me to your house for the first time, and I collect a plate of beans your neighbour offers me. Have I disgraced you?” I asked my friend.

He asked why the strange question and I narrated what happened. He said ladies and guys are wired differently. It was okay for guys to do that but he couldn’t say the same for ladies. I retreated to my house and took my place in one corner of my mattress. The first night was peaceful and before I was up, P was already getting set to leave for his examination.

He didn’t return home until 8pm. He said the examination took all day and he had a few errands to run in town. I empathise with him and gave him food. Then we started gisting like old buddies until sleep came.
Have I mentioned I have this weird habit of curling up like a ball some nights? P must have thought I was cold because I woke up in the early hours of the morning to find his arms around me.
I was indifferent at first, until he noticed I was up and started stroking my body as though he was trying to get me to sleep again. Soon enough, I found myself nudging closer since my body no be firewood. When his hands slipped to unhook my bra straps, I grabbed his hands and held them down. He started stroking my hands. I said “P, what now?”
“Do you have a rubber?” He asked between short breathes.

I knew a lot about sex at an early age but I didn’t know another name for condom is rubber.

I told him my rubber is at my verandah.
He said he meant condom and that word ‘Condom’ was enough to turn off every cell in my body.
I pushed him away and sat up. “So you came here to knack abi? Instead of you to be reading for your exams this night you are asking me for rubber! You think I have careless sex like that.”

It was about 5:00am. I moved to the extreme of the mattress and wore my headset until I slept off again. In the morning, he acted like nothing happened until he left. He was going to leave from his exams venue since he had only one paper that day. I was happy to have my house to myself again.

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