#NSGTakesZanzibar: Settling down

As soon as I arrived the airport in Zanzibar, I showed my boarding pass, passport and yellow card before I was allowed in. It was time to get visa. I filled a form at the visa counter and submitted it along with $50.My visa was issued in less than ten minutes. I located a bureau de change and bought Tanzanian shillings. 1usd = 2150tsh.

It was 4pm. My hotel pickup vehicle had been waiting since 3pm but I couldn’t find them among other pickup staff. 

I had no internet so there was no way to call them or receive updates via my email. I found a store outside the airport where I quickly bought a sim card. The sim, data and airtime cost me $25. I called the hotel immediately and the pickup staff located me.

The airport to the hotel was more than an hour drive. I got scared at some point because the route started looking like Ihiala in Anambra State. 

I kept reminding myself, “NSG calm down you are abroad.” Then I took my eyes off the road when I couldn’t take the Anambra view anymore. 

We finally arrived my hotel’s reception. The hotel is like an estate made up of self cons, mini flats, two bedroom apartment and luxury suites. (Will write more on the hotel soon) There was a mistake while booking my room a month ago and Mr Gbenga had sent me funds for immediate upgrade but I told them I’ll do that once I arrive. I asked them to take me to the booked room first because I was considering managing it to conserve funds it if its not that bad. Lol.


This room was just in its own sad world. Then the toilet/bath was a public one. You’d have to walk down a narrow path with your towel ,soap and sponge to locate it as if you are in NYSC camp. And then there’s a risk of other tourists watching you do the 2km walk to the bathroom from the windows of their suites with private bathrooms and concluding “Eeyah Nigerians are really suffering.” Mba! I quickly paid for a room with a balcony. #NSGTakesZanzibar

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