NSGTakesZanzibar: Business Class

I didn’t have a weird passenger this time. I was the weird passenger. I flew economy the first half of the flight and business class the other half. Let me explain. 
Enroute Zanzibar from Addis Ababa, I was given a window seat above the wings of the aircraft but the pressure and noise triggered motion sickness, rendering me deaf temporarily. 

For the first few minutes of the flight and during landing at Kilimanjaro, I was letting out strange sounds and groaning in a bid to clear my ear drums. The seat in the middle was vacant and an unfriendly Asian guy who wouldn’t respond to a simple hello, and appeared disgusted by my groans occupied the other end. I think blacks were less than 3% as most passengers were Asians and Americans. I was the only black person in my section.

I wasn’t hungry this time as I had earlier stuff myself with bread. We were served rice, chicken sauce, chocolate pudding and a bread roll. 

Each time I cleared my throat to pass air through my ears, the whites in my row turned to stare. I didn’t even care anymore as only a few understood my pain. Thankfully half of the passengers disembarked during our stopover at Kilimanjaro and I had more then enough new seats to choose from. This time I went to sit at the extreme of the plane. I laid down as I had enough room from three vacant seats to stretch my legs while I watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 

I asked for air a glass of wine when an air hostess passed by and it was brought to me. With my cup of wine, Ethiopian Airline beats by dre headset and room to stretch my legs, I did the maths. Tomorrow someone would open mouth and say I have never flown business class. How was that position not business class?


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