NSGTakesZanzibar: Breakfast 

Last night I ordered a mountain of food at the restaurant. I was billed 50,000tsh which is roughly 25 dollars. It wasn’t until I did my calculations this morning that I realised I need to be careful with money or I might end up sweeping hotel rooms by Monday to pay for food.Today’s breakfast was complimentary. I was served an English breakfast with 4 glasses of fresh fruit juice.

 My plans were to change into my swimwear at the restaurant restroom and head to the beach after eating but my tummy could not fit into my bikini so I returned to my hotel room to allow my digestive system work its magic for a few hours. I was fit and ready to hit the beach an hour later. 

(Inserts bikini photo of NSG)

I got hungry a few minutes ago but I didn’t want to go near the pricey hotel restaurant again so I quickly changed and left the hotel in search of where to buy food.

I found a Lebanese restaurant nearby but the prices were even higher than my hotel’s so I left. Then I perceived the familiar smell of agege bread. I let my senses guide me until I landed in a kiosk. The bread cost 500tsh. I bought one with a bottle of Tangawizi, my new favorite drink in Tanzania.

Turns out Zanzibar’s agege bread taste better than the ones I buy in Lagos. They even top theirs with accessories.

Nigeria 0: Tanzania 1


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