My stalker episode

Hi Nsg,
So I’ve been a very silent observer on your blog for almost two years I think and boyyyy does it keep me entertained. By the way, huge shout out to @warrenlady,@cherrydoc(my unofficial not so imaginary boyfriend),@pamela( devil is a woman) and @dante the controversial Mr.

Now back to the point; this happened quite a while back actually when I was in my third year in Uni. I had just moved out of campus, and way staying alone outside school so I didn’t really have friends around my place. Although I stayed in a girls hostel off campus, I didn’t really talk to my housemates because most of them were really loud “drag you in the gutter if you mess up” kinda people although there were a few of them I actually liked and we’re still friends today.

I was walking home from school that evening when this uncle walked up to me o and since he was a fine tall boy of course he had my attention. As it turned out, he lived in the house adjacent to my building and since he seemed pretty nice (or I just had chewing gum over my eyes because uncle was a stunner),I gave him my number. He called that evening to say hello and continued to keep things really casual till he asked if he could pay me a visit a couple of weeks later.
Overtime, we fast became really good friends; he’ll come around claiming to be hungry and since I enjoyed cooking there was always something to eat in my room.

The brouhaha started the day he came to my room with weed with the intent to smoke and since I wasn’t comfortable with the idea, I told him he couldn’t smoke in my room he made a big deal of it and it got to the point where I asked his out of my room. He got slightly peeved went out and came back inside. I assumed he was appeased as he didn’t seem otherwise, so I continued seeing the movie I was seeing earlier. Knowing I was distracted he locked my door and removed the key(I always ask that people lock my door when they come me as I would myself) and the next thing he did took me from 0 to 100 real quick. He tried to get all touchy feely with me and I asked him to get out but he wouldn’t I tried to struggle to get the key but he was obviously much stronger and taller than I was so I couldn’t reach continued till we reached the point I felt he just might rape me so I panicked and decided to play it cool. I feigned a asthma attack and told him I needed to go outside it; obviously worked because he gave me the key and I went out. He followed me outside trying to make sure I was okay I told him I was fine went into my friend’s room on the other side of the hostel and left him standing outside.

He came back the next day to apologize and the usuals. Told him I wasn’t mad but he couldn’t come to my place again but suffice to say my naive self eventually forgave him and we continued being friends so he still came around often.
Much later one night he came around and we ate, and were seeing a movie on my laptop when them phcn people decided to do their own. I turned my lamp on and continued with the movie. In the course of seeing the movie I noticed his hands exploring my body (the adventures of uncle the explorer part 2)and in my mind I’m like is this one okay, I very politely asked him to stop(I can be extremely polite when I’m pissed) but uncle refused to listen o suddenly it got serious I wasn’t even thinking anymore I just wanted to get out of the house my friend was not home and the last thing I needed was a scene that would become hot gist in my hostel so I started begging him asking that he leaves me be….used all the excuses I could think of(very usual of me actually… peeps claim I have an excuse for every occasion) but he refused to budge. I started to brace myself for the likely outcome and voila!!! my friend decided then was the best time to scream my name to let me know she was back…. the way I screamed back telling her to come over ehn…

Uncle decided to leave and I was just glad it was over or so I thought. He called me the next day and as a proper Ibadan girl I insulted shit out of him and told him I never wanted to see him again. I blocked his number immediately after our conversation and my inner goddess was feeling cool with herself not knowing I had just  “used my hands to do myself”( my Yoruba folks would understand this). Reports started to reach me that uncle was telling everyone on my street that I was his girlfriend and they should all steer clear of me.

Now then, this wouldn’t have disturbed me but I had quite a number of male friends and well errrm admirers on my street and I started to realize they all sort of stopped talking to me asides one who actually called me to confirm. He went ahead to tell my landlady( who was a well recognized werey) who lives a couple of houses from my hostel the same thing and because he was good pals with the woman, she took it upon herself to ensure that each time friends from school came visiting they wouldn’t be able to park anywhere around to come in so I’d have to go meet them and we’ll go somewhere or something or she would find some other way to harass them.  It got to the point where he started sending his friends to me to beg me to forgive him(apparently he told them he messed up but I’m not sure he told them what he did) so I could just be walking on the street and someone would walk up to me  and a typical conversation would be ”

Them: hey
Me: hello
Them: my name is bloodsucker, uncle’s friend
Me: oh hello
Them: I don’t know what happened between you and uncle,but he’s not been himself of late, whatever he did uncle is really sorry;why won’t you just forgive him and move on”
Me: (I’d just roll my eyes in my head, smile (queen of fake smiles), tell them I’ve heard and say thanks.

Uncle would come to my house and knock on the door and even when I refused to open up he’ll sit on my balcony and press his phone till I came out (this happened several times)he would then attempt to talk to me while I went about my business. It got to the point people started asking me what was going on but I really couldn’t tell anyone what the real issue was so I’ll just cook up something. At times, I would be in my friend’s room, he’ll come knocking and ask after me and even when my friend told him I was out he would sometimes just wait outside till I come or sit on my landlady’s balcony so he could see me when I was returning from school. When he realized it wasn’t working he got his mum to call me to beg and since my inbuilt default setting required I be polite,I had no choice but to be polite to his mum. At some point I had to tell her I wasn’t mad at him and he could come over when he wanted. I allowed him come once and we both sat outside. After that day, I stopped speaking with him again and the cycle went on like that till we went home on hols and I got another call from him mum.

Now, she wasn’t calling to beg me this time but to threaten me. She claimed her son was in the hospital and he had been shouting my name, that we took a oath in school, belonged to the same cult and that we used to smoke together ( I don’t even drink o not to talk of smoke)and now that he was unwell she needed me to break to oath else she was going to report to me the school authorities, get my address details from them and get me arrested.

It wasn’t a small something o, this woman threatened fire and brimstone. Now all these is coming from someone and I was just being nice to o. I called my friend to tell her wassup (I later had to tell her the whole story after he went knocking on her door and shouting that he knew I was in her room) she told me to call my dad and explain things to him but omo I couldn’t o because I won’t even know what to say. I decided to just watch how things would play out and if it got to the point where I had to involve my dad I would. Few days later uncle called me himself to apologize on his mum’s behalf but I was just glad he was fine and my ass wasn’t in some jail somewhere( his mum is a navy official/officer)
School resumed and I moved back to campus. I saw him and I felt really bad; he was looking all scrawny and unkept and gist later carried it that he went mental over the break.

He called me sometimes in my finals to tell me he left school to start off somewhere else and I asked if he was okay now or the brain touch was just hiding somewhere.
Last year he called again to let me know if there was anything he could do to get me a job after service since his mum had connections. I haven’t heard from him since them
I however thank God that things never got too physical as I would have been struggling with an incubating mad man and who knows what would have happened.
Truth be told until the people in his village started to play game of thrones with his brain he was a very cool person, easygoing and quite nice but then….


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