My Forty Eight Naira

For sometime now, Access Bank has been debiting my 5 month old account in the name of sms charges. I understand sms is charged at N4 per sms but it’s troubling when you have never carried out any transaction in the account, when the only sms you receive are 2-4 marketing sms from the bank monthly and when you are debited N48 at the end of each month as sms charge..

Literally, I have been paying the bank to market to me for six months now. 

How so?

Enough is enough. 

This morning I woke with red hot anger following the debit I received last night. 

I had a heavy breakfast to build my strength with a few goals in mind.

  • Storm their nearest branch.

  • Make noise.

  • Disgrace the staff that attends to me.

  • Pull an ‘oga/madam pay me my money.’

  • Threaten heaven and earth should this nonsense continue.


Number one ticked. 

Soon enough, me and my resting bitch face were standing by one of their counters, fiddling with my phone while waiting for the unfortunate staff to show up. The bank was empty since I was one of the first customers to show up.


“Good morning, how may I help you?” I heard a husky voice say as a figure took a seat.

I turned to him.

My God he was beautiful. I think he is like the most handsome banker in Nigeria. 

He was staring at me and smiling.

It was like an invisible padlock had fallen from heaven and landed on my mouth.

“Talk na. Make noise. Disgrace him.” I urged myself.

No sound refused to come out of my mouth. I was just looking at him like a deaf and dumb person.

“Are you there?” He said calmly.

“Oya ask for your N48.” I urged myself again.

“I just. Just wanted to…toto…”


Then I turned around and walked away in shame before I end up saying ‘I just wanted to find out if you are single.’

As for my 48 nairas? 

God forbids! I was not going disgrace myself for N48 in front of that fine boy. 

I’m sure the banker guy would be wondering if I am mad. 

Now I know why banks hire fine people. 

Wake up everybody!

It’s a setup. 😂😂😂

They may have won the battle today but not the war.

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