My American Boo

I met an American man on Twitter over the weekend and we connected well. 
How did we meet?

This man had put out a tweet saying he wants a black female friend so bad.

I indicated interest knowing green or blue card may end up as the prize of that friendship.

So we started chatting on Random topics- Nigeria, Mark Zuckerberg, America, Buhari, Beyonce and Trump.

Today I asked him why he put out his initial post and he said its because he is looking for someone to travel with.

Before I could say anything, he asked, “Can you fly to Europe and be with me next month?”

I was already cleaning cobwebs from my passport and praising God. 

Like! I havΓ© always known abroad was created for me but I didn’t expect it to come this soon.

I told him that will be nice even though I have never been out of Africa.

He said great, i’ll be staying with him for a week and I will follow him everywhere. 

I said, “Hmmm…” 

He said, “We will be together all the time and we will spend most of the time sleeping.”

I just remembered when a boy and a girl decide they will be ‘sleeping’ together, nobody really sleeps. 

That was when I felt the first crack in my heart.

Just to be sure, I said, “Sex?”

He said, “Yes. And orgy too.”

By the time I was already looking for needle and thread to stitch my heart. I didn’t say anything.

Next thing different images of American wiwi came pouring inside my inbox.

The one with the wiwi facing north, south, east, west and center.

Even the colour was something else. The shock was just too much for me.

Five minutes later he asked if I am okay. How could I be okay?

I didn’t respond.

Another five minutes later he put out another tweet saying he wants a horny black female friend who enjoys orgies. 

Look at the speed he moved on to replace me.😭

After you people say Nigerian men are the worst.

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