My “mistake” started here. My brothers were science students, it made sense I study medicine…..don’t ask why. The Guidance counselor did nothing for us. I passed my waec and gce in one sitting. Oya enter school, jamb no gree. I finally decided to go to Unilag to study Pharmacy (please note I HATE the smell of drugs. It’s so bad that I use different cups to take my drugs and water while eating).
 I went in for their diploma in Unilag. First semester result was horrible, second semester was good. But It couldn’t make up for my first semester so I failed.  Long story short, my dad had to come take me back to PH. I cried because I didn’t know why it happened, I attended lectures, read in a way and I failed.
Finally, I decided to go in for pre-degree in Uniport. I wrote the entrance exam two days after I got back from Unilag. Came out top 5, everyone was happy. Oh yeah! I chose Psychology. Why? I don’t know. I just knew that I loved reading psychological thrillers, suspense, I could “tell” people from the start etc. My mom (I love her) questioned my decision, I said I wanted that and she stood by me.
Graduated with a 2:1 at 24. Went for service, taught during service. just before service was over, I got my first job by going to a job fair. Now I knew why I chose Psychology….Human Resources. That was my first real job and I worked on Saturdays too. It was amazing plus I had a great team.
Took a detour into Admin (P.A) for two years. This is the hardest job I had to do but it made me stronger, showed me why I value integrity, taught me a lot of lessons and determination.
I’m back to HR, Payroll Management to be precise. I didn’t know s*** when I joined but I’m learning, getting better and still learning.
One thing I always say to myself when I face obstacles is Darling, by this time next year you won’t remember the stress.
Above all, God has been merciful to me. In one year, so much has happened that I didn’t even think I could handle but look at me writing career story 🤣.
My children would have it a lot better. From a tender age, I pray I focus on their abilities and talents. Sometimes, God allows us make mistakes to enable us do it right for someone else. I hope and pray I use mine to better others.
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