Looking for trouble at the bank

Was bored at home so I went to my bank nearby to find trouble. I arrived at the door at 4:25pm and the security didn’t let me in. I told him to call a staff to the door. When the guy came, I said, “I NEED TO GO IN COS I WANT TO FIX 3m.”See the way they opened the door for me. Currently at the manager’s office upstairs where most of their senior staff are. They said but your account is empty. I said money is not a problem, I am having network issues transferring the money via internet banking so we have been gisting and gisting. (As I am typing this they think I am still trying to transfer) Each time they bring up the fixed deposit, I change the topic to something funny. (They are very cool sha – two young men and one woman)

They asked me if I mind having a soft drink. I said sprite. The manager said, “I think we should order pizza too to go round.”

Someone has gone to buy the pizza. 

Finally it’s time to eat my share of those numerous N2 they have been deducting over the years. 

After I am done with my sprite and pizza I WILL NEVER SMELL THIS BRANCH AGAIN. 😂

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