Longthroat made me cheat

I met my boyfriend in 2013 and we started dating.he was a sweet,matured guy and I was a teenager in love.that Christmas,I met “Jenny” she became my best friend.she had her own apartment and a car she got from dating “expatriates” in Lagos.my bf didn’t like my new friend but I didn’t care.we were always on the island meeting foreign men and I loved the thrill I was getting from it.i was now going to posh restaurants and taking pictures at exotic locations.my tecno phone was always on lock anytime I visited my bf.

 He became suspicious and was always telling me to be wary of Jenny who was always video chatting with white men in her fake accent.i didn’t listen.By then,I was already dating  two foreigners & had others as friends.
 Doomsday came when I went to my bf’s house for the weekend.he had gone for an event with friends and decided to leave me at home.one of my new foreign boyfriend called to say he was going back to the US for some months and wanted to see me.he sent me the address of were he was and I waited for my bf to come back and lied that I had to go.i told him I’d be back later.he knew something was up because of my change in attitude but he dropped me at Jenny’s house.she helped me prepare and so I went to see my foreign bf.i decided to go back to my bf’s house that night.i wiped my make up and changed my shoes in the cab.he patiently waited for me outside his house with the street gateman because it was very late.i felt sort of guilty.He asked me what was wrong and I ignored him.
 The witches in my village decided to tamper with my phone and for some reason I still can’t explain, my phone password refused to lock.he picked up my phone and saw all my many pictures with different “Oyinbo” in choice locations.he saw the message containing the address of the one I went to see.NSG,I just wanted to die.my bf went to the kitchen,made me breakfast that I couldn’t eat and offered to drop me at the garage because I was going back to school.instead he dropped me at that Opebi link bridge in ikeja and asked me to get out.
 Long story short,he eventually forgave me after series of begging and we even became stronger after that.its been four years and this guy hasn’t stopped loving me for a day.i honestly regret my foolishness and haven’t cheated since then.about Jenny,I ran into her on my way to naija.she had married an American husband!!!


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