List of Nigerian Blogs to visit: Upcoming Bloggers in Nigeria

It is flattering that some bloggers email me from time to time to ask of my blogging tips. As you can see from this post, I still consider myself a toddler in Nigeria’s blogsphere and I have no idea of technical means to drive traffic to a website/blog which is usually the big question. My focus at the moment is producing good content regularly and fixing my sitemap so analytic websites can at least have a near accurate reading of my website data.
On that note, I am more than willingly to share my traffic with other upcoming bloggers like me reading this.
All you need do is easy.
Give me a one sentence shout out on any new or edit a previously published post on your blog with a backlink to my blog.
Then send me the url of your blog with a description of no more than fifty words written in third person that you feel would appeal to a random internet user. I would insert it into this blogpost so that anyone who clicks on it would be redirected to your blog.
Once this post gets to the second page of this blog, I will create a widget of it and insert it into my sidebar so that it stays visible to anyone who lands on my homepage or any other page in this blog.

You may send the above including the link to where you posted your ‘shoutout to naijasinglegirl’ via the form below or email me directly. Please note that I will be updating this list on the basis of first come, first serve and will stop at the first fifty.

  1. is my little fashion and things in between diary, created for those looking for relatable fashion styles. It’s all about documenting my  journey as I evolve in the fashion and everyday world.


UgoTalksAlot is the best place to be when you want to kill time. Seriously, it is. From Epic rants about politics to failed and imaginary successful relationships (don’t act like you’re not single), to some of the most inspiring  words you’ll ever read on this obodoyibo technology called Internet. Don’t let this talk become a lot, check it out for yourself.

3. is a jewelry and accessories blog. The first of it’s kind in Nigeria, She publishes jewelry trends, fashion tips on rocking your favorite jewelry pieces and tips to care for your jewelry.


The Sport News is a sport news digital magazine dedicated to bringing the growing local and international audience premium content in the world of sport. He publishes sport news ranging from football to basketball to golf, athletics. The desire to enrich and update his readers is one of the factors having this site up. His goal is to fill that gap and keep readers and followers abreast with cutting edge content in the world of sport.


My blog started because of my love for shoes, over time it as evolved from fashion to blogging about everyday things i experience, could be relationship, family & may more


Dubem Naija Blog is the home of news, entertainment, lifestyle and gossips. You get them fresh and juicy here :)


ThatEjiGirl is your everyday go-to for fashion, lifestyle, campus living, humour, opinions, trends, personal development,inspiration,motivation,reviews, relationships and literary pieces. A dose of everything amazing!


Ope’s blog deals with him expressing his opinions and thoughts about various issues that will interest the Nigerian youth. Though his writing tone is on the harsh side, his writeups are interesting, worth the read and bound to strike a nerve.


Bukunmi’s Dairy started out of the need to vent loneliness into art only for it to be fast evolving into a self help blog with a touch of fun. The blog is fast becoming the hub of  information on various aspects of life. From personal health, to fashion tips to travel advice, money management and even fiction short stories for entertainment.. Talking about it will take more than a year. why not check it out yourself.


suyaandashow is my solace where i air my views on fun facts about living in Lagos, discussing trends in the Nigerian music industry in an  hilarious manner and also  music reviews and shows that i am fortunate to attend.


Naija Bachelor thinks he’s funny, charming, talented and the most eligible bachelor in Nigeria. So why then has marriage eluded him? He tries to answer this question through a series of sometimes humorous, sometimes sad and sometimes crazilymostly insane posts. Visit his blog and join him on his journey through bachelorhood.


itsallbuki is a relationship and lifestyle page, addressing issues on all forms of relationships and lifestyle – from food to music to love, politics, marriages, children, workplace etc. It’s supposed to be an interactive page for learning


Dont buy a device for buying sakes , pop up at  for a full review before buying.We place in the hand of customers, proper detail and specifications on all available Gadgets.


Toby’s Words is a general interest blog, where all things are up for discussion, with a focus on personal writing. It’s sure to leave you entertained and inspired. Check it out!


Lifeofdammy is a blog that relates to literary works such as stories and poems, natural hair, motivational posts, diys, photography, reviews, lifestyle and fashion. The owner of the blog is a college student and shares her tale of college life and life in general. In short, this blog has a bit of everything from a college student’s view :)


It’s a Personal & Lifestyle Blog. It serves as a platform to showcase achievements and travails of succesful personalities in diverse fields such as Tech, fashion, sport, and politics  with the sole aim of encouraging  small and medium scale startups /entrepreneurs in their quests for success (Interviews Inclusive). With helpful tips on hygiene, relationship, bussiness growth, academic conquest,..Scent’s Blog promotes the perfect lifestyle desired by every Nigerian. Proudly Nigerian with Original Contents.


NetSocialBlog is an Infoblog where topics are covered on Blogging Tips for Beginners ‘n’ Pro, Social Networking, Productive Ways Of Using Computer and Mobile Tips in such an easier way a newbie would easily comprehend.


Don’t read this without visiting this blog, its the best place to get informed with everything trending on the net, from tips on how to get the most out of your poor subscription to getting the best fashion tips, how to buy jewelry for her To buying guns, Access  hidden information on the internet,  if you can think it we have, He collates the best and only the best kind of trends just for you!!


Armed with a B.Tech from the Federal University of Technology, Akure and presently an experienced Tax consultant in the Professional Services Industry, Deedee is noted for his extreme views and penchant for objectivity based on the status quo.
An individual with a passion for research, knack for investigating, a spirit of inquisitiveness who seeks to analyze, reflect, evaluate, and conclude with no level of biasness in providing recommendations.
Poised to offer the latest in breaking news, opinions in relationships and politics which is based on facts and environmental reflections. Deedeesblog also include a Features page which aims at adding variety and spice to our niche by inviting other notable writers to join us in creating a Niche blog. Deedeesblog would whet your appetite day in day out.


My quest to start a blog is borne out of the desire to share my experiences, air my weird views and listen to the varying opinions of others. I am aReggae music Enthusiast. Good food Lover. Relationships and Lifestyle Blogger. Story teller. Prayer Warrior. Humour Personified. Prayer request: Lord give me a house in Banana Island.


TNB is a blog that Informs, Educate and yes! Entertain its readers in their day-to-day life, through the following niches: Lifehacks, DIY, Trends, Lifestyle, Dating tips, and yes…Gadgets & Techs you love!


Soccer Yarns is a football media platform, bringing you the latest news, scores, Betting tip highlights, stats, transfer rumors,videos and more.


Home building
Product reviews
Family and Lifestyle
Affordable home tips
TV shows
Food Recipes


The story about the life you are living is on this blog. Enny Cole is a Creative writer weaving words how best she wants you to read and feel about them. Surprised? Click the url above and find out.

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  5. Buki December 18, 2015
  6. africanweddingbliss December 18, 2015
  7. Diary of a naija mom. December 19, 2015
  8. scent December 21, 2015
  9. Reny December 21, 2015
  10. Victoria December 22, 2015
  11. Tunde Sanusi (Tuham) December 22, 2015
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  18. kunle February 15, 2016
  19. Edirin February 27, 2016
  20. Kay D March 3, 2016
  21. christina March 17, 2016
  22. Newsphases April 7, 2016
  23. Ope QUADRI April 14, 2016
  24. kamoru April 18, 2016
  25. KikioTolu April 18, 2016
  26. Ugo May 19, 2016
  27. Ugo May 19, 2016
  28. anthony May 31, 2016
  29. anthony May 31, 2016
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  31. Akorede sekoni July 26, 2016
  32. CherishExpress August 19, 2016
  33. @celebrity October 6, 2016
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  35. January 3, 2017
  36. ope February 11, 2017
  37. tosin February 22, 2017
  38. chaktty March 13, 2017
  39. hassan ibrahim April 26, 2017
  40. Samuel November 30, 2017
  41. max ugoski December 5, 2017

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