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Have you ever thought you had it all figured out and later had it thrown back on your face? You feel you cannot go back and you cannot move forward. I had life easy growing up, finished university at 19 with a future so bright the sun was jealous. Lol..

At 24 I had my Masters degree and I was ready to take over the world. I got my first job at 23 then I started to ask myself questions. Is this really what I want to spend the next 35 years building on? Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? When all my questions were answered in the negative, I knew it was time to move on. In the journey of life, you need to know when to make a tent and when to keep moving. Deep inside of me, I knew I should consider other career options since I had time on my side. The fact is that you spend most of your mid-twenties trying to figure out what you really want. I don’t think anyone should stay in a job because of the financial gains.  Most people in this category get frustrated and worn out as the days go by. Bible says “money answereth all things” but is it really everything?


On the other hand, following your passion might take a lot of time, repeated efforts but fulfilling on the long run. To cut my long story short, I left my job to follow a life-long dream. It just felt like the best thing to do at that time. Do I have regrets? No. Do I wish I had another job? Well, maybe. My consolation is that I love what I do and everyday is a plus. Getting there might not be easy, it will be rough, it will be tough, challenging, confusing at some point but at the end you know you are responsible for your own happiness.

So many of us fall into both categories and we tend to ask ourselves, where did I miss it? Some people are too far gone and too scared to make that U-turn. We have this set of people in both the business world struggling each day to make ends meet and just believing that they might be at the point of breakthrough. Others are in paid employment with a family to cater for and they keep wondering, what happens to me after I quit this job? At least, the salary puts food on my table. Whatever, your situation might be, it is never too late to make a U-turn. It is never too late to say no to whatever it is that has held you captive for so long. It is never too late to dust up your dreams, place it on the wheels and take that ride.

I saw a picture recently of a group of cheetahs and a tortoise in a race. Obviously we know cheetahs are very fast animals while the tortoise on the other hand is as slow as the word depicts. So instead of feeling bad for himself he devised a means of getting ahead, he placed himself on wheels! The wheel is what I call the God-factor. He helps you in ways you cannot fathom. Psalm 23 depicts the relationship between a sheep and a shepherd. A sheep enjoying the comfort, protection, provision, rest that a shepherd brings. Don’t go about your life fighting for things that have already been given to you by the father who truly and dearly loves us.

So take that bold step, start that blog you have always wanted, take that dancing class, hit that gym, buy that dress, take that vacation, walk the talk, just do whatever makes you happy and be grateful to God for another day and another chance He has given us to live.


NUGGET: The best time to have planted a tree was yesterday, the next best time is now!


By Eyinju



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