The last 3 days

I abandoned all of you to look for husband.


So it all started after I made this status on my Instagram post.



I honestly don’t know why I did that. Boredom maybe? But I was determined not to chicken out like I did last Valentine’s Day.

A number of guys DMed me but I settled for one. Then I went to my Instagram to brag about my hubby. Lol


I continued bragging.

Me and my husband by this time tomorrow. 😊

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We chatted for while (Check my Instagram Stories before they expire) and arranged a meeting at Eko Hotels for Friday evening which was yesterday.

While getting ready, I realised I forgot all my makeup. I had a really stressful day and makeup was needed to mask how horrible I looked. I wanted to cancel, but my hubby told me to come as I am. Inner beauty fall on me. Lol.


My friend who was aware of my makeup dilemma told me to stop by her office so she could lend me her powder at least. Good thing her office wasn’t far from EKo Hotels where my husband and I agreed to meet by 8pm so I met her at The restroom of The Place in VI to powder my face. Hubby said he will be waiting at the poolside. I couldn’t spot him when I arrived there so I told him to come find me at Kuramo Sports Cafe entrance.
He found me easily.

Related Quote: He who finds a wife finds a good thing. – Proverbs 18:22

We hugged and I said, “My husband,” He took me to where he sat and was just staring at me, laughing. I always get this reaction from people when they meet NSG so I no longer question why.

We talked for a while before the waiter brought the menu. I asked for lamb peppersoup, fried rice and a soft drink.

He ordered peppered snail with a bottle of Heineken.

The waiter mixed up our orders and arrived with fried rice served with snail in the same plate.

They kept apologizing and offering to take it back but hubby said it is okay, we can eat together while they prepare the second dish. Five minutes later we were sharing one plate of food like a couple who have been married for a lifetime.

He told me about his business, family, friends, interests, and school.

Speaking of school, we both found out we went to the same primary school-Ogunlade College in Surulere. We also lived on adjacent streets. Small world.

Hubby kept stuffing me with food that I had to question how I was going to get home with a bloated tummy. He said “Which home?” Then he reminded me of that naughty photo I posted yesterday night and said I have to follow him home to keep to my word.

I could not stop laughing. I told him my followers will kill him if he turns out to be a Yoruba Demon.

We just kept gisting and gisting about my blog, vacations, my book etc. Then he asked me to sign a copy of my book he had earlier asked me to bring.


By 11pm I told him I wanted to leave. He contemplated dropping me off or getting an Uber but we eventually settled for the former.

I would have hung out till 12am or so but I was sleeping somewhere new for the first time and I didn’t want to be locked out which unfortunately happened. I informedΒ hubby when this happened and he told me not to let the Uber cancel my trip until I was safely inside.
I had the Uber driver take me to another friend’s house in Surulere but I didn’t know it wasn’t convenient for me to sleep there until my Uber had left. I was stranded at 11:30pm. Hubby suggested he will reimburse if I get a hotel so I had my friend drive me to Rita Lori. Well, he could have easily insisted I come to his place for the night seeing I was in a stranded position but he acted like a gentleman. He also opeedn car doors like the gentleman is he.

And yes, he is a successful TDH, just the ‘husband material’ version.

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