Ladies, can you rock this floor length braids?


I once rocked knee length braids when long braids were not in vogue back in my university days and the looks I got from people could kill. The hairdresser used six and a half packs.

I wore it out to a church service and the way some elders stared at me, I thought they were going to call me out for deliverance.

No hair net could wrap it at night! I was wearing a flair skirt on my head to shower.
Sleeping nko? My corner was a top bunk and when I lie down, it dangled to the bottom bunk.

During weekends and evenings, I use to walk around topless in the hostel because my braids served as a top.

Two of my friends told me strangers once called them aside to advise not to walk with their ‘marine friend’ again. My hair made me a bit popular.

I eventually took it down three weeks after when my HOD refused to give me course forms for that semester because of my braids.

I lost a bit of my hairline due to the pressure the weight put on it.
The headache and neck ache almost killed me.
Beauty is pain indeed. How long can you go with braids?

Photo Credit: EmmyBiz Instagram

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