Karma is a bitch

I met this amazing and wonderful lady just the year I graduated from
the University. She was an innocent sweet sixteen just trying to gain
admission and luckily she was admitted that year. I asked her out and
for three solid years the relationship was great as I also happened to
be her first lover and deflowered her.
During the course of our three years relationship I was seeing myself
as a very bad sharp guy as I engaged in a series of sexcapede which
were not lost one my girlfriend as everytime she caught me I always
seek for her forgiveness and she will forgive me. But I engaged in one
that really caused her heart to brake and it ended or so it seem our
relationship. Before proceeding further I need you guys to understand
something about this my bae, she was and I think she still the best
girlfriend and wife material anybody can look out for. She stood by me
during thick and thin, when I had nothing and when everything was not
so rosy for me. She was this lady that all my friends and families
fell in love with and still blame till today for throwing the
relationship away because of my irresponsibity.

Now to my worst cheating story. I am a sociable guy who drinks, smokes
and mingle a lot. During one of my night out with the boys, I met E
who ticks all the box of a sex goddess. We got talking and we became
really close. She told me about her boyfriend who happens to be a
naval officer. During the course of our friendship I met her boyfriend
and he confided in me of certain things about their relationship.
Whenever I talked with E whether on phone or face to face our
discussion will range from music to law, from fashion to sport and
from there we did talk about our sexual fantasies. It was during on of
our discussion that she told me she was dying to have sex with me as I
always boast of being capable of fccking her brain out. I agreed to it
and bang we had sex with no commitment. From then on she will always
call me to come over to her place or she comes to my place. We had sex
in different dimensions and angles. She even spoke with my girlfriend
and assured her that we are just friends never telling her that we are
fcck mates.

My girlfriend got to know about my infidelity with E and she was
disappointed because I made her believed I was mere casual friend with
E. I begged her and she forgave as usual I thought not knowing she has
another motive.

A few weeks after my bae sent me a text that she is no longer
interested and that there is nothing I can say this time that will
change her mind, that is done and dusted with a liar like me. She told
me and I got reliable information that she was devastated by the act
and was already seeing someone else. This is a woman I truly love. I
don’t know why I cheat on her but I got a hold on myself and got to
know that I am a sex freak. She was trying her best to satisfy my
sexual urges but I still go out to so seed into other people’s
ministries. I am reeling from the knowledge that she also is capable
of cheating and now I know karma is a bitch because I couldn’t take a
quarter of the shit I was giving her.
I want her back and I am doing everything thing necessary but it’s not
just working out because her mind is already made up and she doesn’t
love me again.

I now believe in the saying of do unto others what you want them do to
you. I still want my woman back and will and have already forgiven her
for everything as she has always forgiven in the past. I don’t want
her to go away after sticking by me when I had nothing and now that I
have something, she decided to walk away because of my stupidity.
Once again I say karma is a bitch!

By Dapo

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