Just keep moving forward

By Sarah

I dont know if this post is worth posting but let me just write something just to encourage someone.
I am a medical doctor, graduated in 2015 from one of the private schools in Nigeria. While i was in school, we had lot of issues, accreditation and so a 6 year course eventually took almost 9years. At some point i felt really discouraged and i contemplated leaving but to do what exactly, i love medicine.

Well i eventually graduated, i had to wait a while before starting my housejob, the housejob eventually took all my 2016. Before now i had my career goals, i had a list of things i wanted to accomplish before i hit 30. But somehow because of the school delay, many of the things are still hanging but i know i am gonna accomplish them. 2017 has been a good year, one of my goals is to own a farm and at least in 2017, i have been able to buy a piece of land in the outskirts of Abuja for that.

Money i got from savings during my housejob. I am currently doing my Nysc, i plan to do my masters right after Nysc, but right now i have enrolled for an online course with the university of Washington in health management. I want to work for an international health organisation in the future.

The thing is many of us get discouraged. But i want to say, write your career goals, work towards achieving them, dont let anyone tell u otherwise, learn to take charge of your life and do what you gotta do to be the best. Whatever you do, jus keep moving forward, even if you decide to move slowly, the most important thing is you are moving and you will surely arrive at your destination. I have not achieved half of what i want to achieve but i know i am on the right track and eventually i would do all i want to do.

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