Journey to Kakum National Park

The road to Kakum National Park was long, dusty and windy. At a point I feared the taxi guy was a one chance driver.


Entry fee to access the complex is 2 cedis, 60 cedis (about 5k) for non nationals to go on the canopy walkway and 40 -60 cedis for other activities listed. This ‘non National’ segregation has been messing up my budgeting. I ran out of money yesterday and I have had to fall back on the dollars I carried as ‘final backup’ which means I have to cancel everything on my itinerary for today else I might get stranded in Ghana.

I ended up paying in dollars since the only local currency I had left was my transportation back to my hotel.


Again, they took advantage of my vulnerability and exchanged 3.8 cedis for a dollar which resulted in a heated argument between their staff and I. If I we’re in Lagos I would have told them to go to hell and walk out from there but I didn’t spend almost 20 hours on road this past week to give up just like that.

The canopy walkway was exciting to go on. The complex offers lodging facility but I didn’t see any animals even though our guide told us they come alive at night.

We went in a group of 12 to 20 inclusive of kids. My group were mostly tourists like me. Kids were allowed to go on this one which means it is not as high risk as the walkway in Lekki Conservative Centre.

LCC trained me well. I literally ran on this one.

“Are you not afraid?” The French man who came with his family of 8 asked me.

“No. Probably cos I have gone on a the one in Lagos four times.”

“You have one in Nigeria.”

I said yes, then the Nigerian in me bragged about how awesome LCC is, and Nigeria generally.

“Guys, our next stop is Nigeria.” He announced to his group excitedly.

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