It happened some years ago…

There was this lady that was posted to the company I work in for NYSC, let’s call her D, she is my tribe and pretty, she has a nice body as well. I was in an off and on long distant relationship then but the picture I always paint for D was that of someone that is very happy with his relationship, though in truth it has been trash.
D started giving me vibes and loads of green light after about 4 months into her service but I was having none of it. There was this time D travelled to South West (I’m in North Central), then she rang me up at work the following day saying she needed to talk to me about something that has been bugging her, I knew what’s up as per the sharp guy wey I be, told her we can have the discussion when she gets back in town. But to my greatest surprise, D told me she was already in town and that she must see me that day, then go back the following day. She knew my apartment so I told her to meet me at home after close of business. That was when D started asking me out big time, I told her I was in a relationship and all that, but she insisted saying she doesn’t want to date me, just to be friends with benefit, that she couldn’t get me off her mind, I was shocked to say the least, D was also dating someone then. She’s got big balls.
Long story short, we agreed on something and she left, the day she got back in town I was at her place for a sleepover, I gave her the best head ever, it was glorious………..
The whole thing died a couple of months later though, but it was insanely fun while it lasted, office romance has never and will never be my thing, but it’s not that bad after all.

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