iPhone 5: Review And Specs


The iPhone 5 has recently turned four years old, but despite the fact that this model is far from being the newest, it is still one of the most noteworthy Apple releases of all times. With the iPhone 5 Apple introduced dozens of innovations that were later featured in other models, from the 4-inch screen to the upgraded version of the iOS. What else is so remarkable about the 2012 iPhone? Find out right now!

iPhone 5 specs

The iPhone 5 is visually similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, although the larger dimensions allow it to look more modern and feature an extra row of icons on the home screen. Despite the growth in size, the iPhone 5 is still very comfortable to hold, which is not something that can be said about most other smartphones. With this iPhone Apple switched from the glass back to brushed aluminum, which positively influenced the appearance of the new model and made it significantly more durable.


The iPhone 5 features two cameras, a 1.3MP on the front and an 8MP on the back. While the pixel count is the same as in the iPhone 4S, the new cameras are notably improved compared to the previous models and are equipped with numerous upgrades, including a noise-cancellation microphone and the brand new lens.


As for the hardware, the iPhone 5 is the first Apple model to be built with a custom dual-core processor that is paired with 1GB of RAM, which, together, ensure performance that is twice as fast as the performance of the iPhone 4S. The storage space options remained the same, with the largest one being 64GB. Another major innovation is the connector – instead of the usual Dock connector you fill find the smaller and faster Lightning that is still featured in iPhones.

iPhone 5 review

Since Apple does things differently than other smartphone brands and releases one or two models every year instead of one every month, the quality and design of iPhones is truly outstanding, and the iPhone 5 is no exception. The iPhone 5 sported lots of styling features and technological innovations that were later included in other models.


Like any iPhone before and after, the iPhone 5 became a bestseller and is still popular among Apple fans who want to experience the famous iPhone quality without wasting money on expensive brand new models. If you want to buy iPhone 5, the huge Nigerian online marketplace Jiji should be your number one shopping destination, as you won’t find lower prices and better service anywhere else.

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