In all, God is faithful

I have read so many stories and I have been amazed and encouraged by everyone’s story.
Mine is not so different from everyone’s story I guess.

So growing up, I think I was probably so lucky to have a great childhood born to a Tanzanian Mom and Nigerian dad, I had the best childhood memories especially during holidays when we got to fly to different cities for holidays and all.

Sadly besides the excitement of leaving the good life, my parents were separated and it was really hard growing in two very contrasting backgrounds. My mum used to stay in like the ghetto while my dad had the fancy house and cars but o well I never saw my parents together or happy. Me and my siblings were all sent to boarding school at the age of 6 and that’s where I made friends and joined gangs and did all sorts of things disturbed teenagers do.

My childhood was a rough one, I was so unfortunate. I was a victim of consistent rape from age 9 to 14 and this experience marked me for the rest of my life till date.
Fast forward to a few years later, me and my siblings relocated back to Nig with my Dad and it was a different ball game, making new friends, been teased about my accent, new neighborhood and all but I survived.

I wrote my waec at one sitting and got into Uniben at age 16. As it was with everyone’s story, I was admitted to study History which was nothing close to the Law degree I had initially applied for but then rather than stay home for another year I just went on with it.

My parents were both doctors and till date am pretty sure they’re disappointed that their first child did not go into medicine like they had tried to make me do but it just wasn’t for me.

At age 19, I lost my dad to prostrate cancer after a year long battle and it was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever experienced worse than rape. I loved my dad so much and he was ever supportive, kind, funny and warm. All this while growing up, I ddnt really know my mom well so with my dad’s death things ddnt get easier. I was left to raise my three siblings who were 12 and 17 respectively and here I was in my 300l. Typical Nigerian family na, my extended family members were not supportive at all. Getting through my finals was so hard, I recall going to beg some of my uncle’s for money and they’d attempt to touch me or say some nasty things and that’s when I gave up on family.

The first four years after my dad died were the hardest for me and my siblings. My dad was so ill so he left us with nothing except a house in Lag since all the money went towards his medical bills in the last one year he was ill.

In all, God is faithful,I can’t even begin to talk about the things I did or what I went through but somehow I found the light and God saved me from myself.

I was able to get my MBA at age 24 and still get a good job at a reputable NGO even before my MBA graduation and I’ve been working here for two years.

I know God has a lot of things in store for me and I’m working hard. I still have my siblings to take care of but atleast one is done with her masters two while the last two boys are in the university. It’s not been easy but all I can say is don’t let your circumstances define your fate/future. Raise above everything, prayer works o, don’t give up.
Everyone has a bad past, everyone has been through tough times in one way or the other so don’t think you’re story is the worst.

Believe in yourself, prophesy good things in your life and trust in God. Your miracle is not too far away.

I still have a lot of plans in store for my self and I pray God sees everything to fruition. I want to own an NGO and really help people. I have met an amazing guy and I couldn’t be more happy. All I can say is God is working in everyone of us even when we think He is silent.



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