I’m just skinny not broke

Written by Ologun Segun Emmanuel

Tunde sat down in the armrest chair staring at the mirror the umpteenth time. Each glance at the mirror upsurged his adrenaline, his dreaded suspicion was coming to actuality, his weight gain journey was going in reversal. Describing his physical appearance sounds like describing a HIV patient, His jaws were devoid of any fat, bony arms and extremely skinny chest with his ribs as visible as Nike’s logo. Iya sikirat jeers wouldn’t stop anytime soon he thought to himself.

Despite being a doctor, he’d conducted a research on the best weight gain method. The effort he expended into conducting those research maybe if he directed them into his academics he’d have graduated with a better grade point.

“Doctor dey chop amala and ewedu no be all this yeye oyinbo food wey no good” iya basirat, his nosy maid told him one night upon sighting him consuming smoothie for dinner. He’d started eating local high calorie diet he wouldn’t really try to eat on a very good day. He came back to Nigeria just 2 years ago after living in the boroughs of New York City . Local Meals like Amala used to irk him but in his journey to add some flesh to his already amassed bones, he decided to try them and surprisingly he fell effortlessly in love with them, now he couldn’t go two days without eating Amala and ewedu yet here he was looking like a malnourished internally displaced person . The gym became his second home, he’d spend hours lifting weights. Within a month he’d become a senior member at the gym.

He looked into the mirror once more and decided to give up to fate as this one was actually beyond him. He no longer needs to do all that stuff anymore, he needs to pray about it afterall he is in Africa where prayer solves everything even bad governance.

The travails of Tunde is something many skinny people go through in the society today.Many people just look at your skinny physical appearance and automatically assume you’re broke/hungry and yet to “see money”.Please let that assumption end with Jan 2018.

Next time you see a skinny person don’t insert your filthy N1000 in his palms thinking he’s hungry, ask him to kneel down and pray for him.

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