I was addicted to Lynn

I have always been witty and jovial and naturally, I am drawn to cool people. There in lies the problem. As a bachelor, I get to relax by hanging out with friends and sometimes, acquaintances. On one of our boys out, I observed I was about the only one gulping from my glass and had a green bottle in front. The rest had syrup bottles in front of them and you could tell from the way they smacked their lips that they were on a different high.

The mistake I made was succumbing to pressure to have a feel because once I did, I was hooked. From there on, I would close from work and ask my driver to take me to the pharmacy to purchase a bottle (4k). Sometimes, two bottles in a day. I was consuming codeine on a daily along with caffeinated beverage.

The thing is…it became a status symbol as I would proudly disclose to whoever cared to listen the amount of money I expended on codeine. It began to affect me in so many ways and I lost my way. I would resume work feeling drowsy and most times I lacked the appetite to eat and for a young man, I suffered a huge decline in my libido.

It was in 2016, during crossover service on new year eve. My only prayer point was for God to give me the strength to quit. It took a lot of strength and perseverance to quench my crave for codeine. I am happy to say I have not had a sip since the beginning of this year. Although I still hang out with my friends who still indulge, I just drink my beer in peace. Once in a while, I try to encourage my friends to consider slowing down ( not with a judgmental tone).


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