I started late…

Hi everyone
I have read all the interesting posts from mostly very young people…guess its time for the late bloomer to send hers in.
I started well..my mum always said that the only legacy she could give me was a good education. She made sure I attended a good primary school..the best then in my small polytechnic town. I went on to  federal government college at 9.I turned 10 in first term jss1. I completed secondary school at 16.

My polygamous Dad was wowed! Although he never paid fees one day, he was proud that among the battalions, I made WAEC in one sitting. Whenever any of my half siblings misbehaved, he was quick to compared them to  16 year old “O” who made all her papers in one sitting.
Come to think of it, my result wasn’t fantastic, but he won’t stop comparing me and creating bad blood among my step mums and half siblings.
The long holiday after waec gave me time to make friends in my area. I was in a boarding house for 6 years and this was the first time I really had time to play around.

Long story short..met someone and the love stories from mills and boons didn’t help. I got pregnant. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was asked why my tummy was getting bigger..lol. My very first and only attempt at “adult play”… He was barely 19 and also just entered the university.
I matriculated with the pregnancy cos mum decided that pregnancy or no pregnancy, I must make something out of my life. It was hard! Dad disgraced me and told all who cared to listen that I was a useless child. Pregnant at 16?? He cursed and threatened. Mum cried herself to sleep every night but she didn’t relent in pushing me to study and make something out of my life.
I got my OND in Accountancy and went on to do my IT in a bank. I was good at what I did and continued doing my “IT” the next year in another branch of the bank(was easy to arrange cos I made friends at work) I applied for part time in Uni and kept working.

I had to leave my job and school due to the fact that I made a very wrong decision. This decision took me back 8 years. I wasted those years. When I realised my error, I was already in  27yrs old. I was undeterred. I decided to attend a language school and studied French. I also attended NIIT and did a course in software.
I applied to the university as a matured student and started over again. I worked as a sales person, I bought and sold anything I could lay my hands on. I didn’t give up. I didn’t care that everyone had left me behind. I never lost hope.

I finally graduated from the university in Nov 2014 against all odds. My child also entered the university in 2014 at age 15. I was mighty proud. At least I did something right.
Its been 3 years since graduation and I am yet to get a job.I am relentless. I send my CV out daily. Its not easy for a 36 years old to get a job  when 21-26 year olds are out there searching. I won’t give up. I will find a job. My dreams must come true. I aim for a PHD..I am sure I can achieve that before age 50..lol..I still have a clear 14 years ahead to achieve that dream.
In the interim, I have a biz, a gig that takes care of my child and i and i am optimistic that things will definitely work out.
My child is 19 and starting level 400 next semester,making me proud like kilode.

I am glad I didn’t abort.
I hope someone learns something from my story. Don’t give up no matter the odds.
Its never too late to realise your dreams.
Your dreams are valid no matter your age(36), your status (single mum),no matter the rejections and wrong choices you may have made along life’s journey.
This is Africa and I know that certain “spiritual manipulations” took place behind the scenes…lol..Don’t allow that stop you as well. Hold on to God and make your ice cold lemonades.
I wrote this on the spur of the moment. Pls forgive any errors.


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