I saw the agent who scammed me

Yesterday night at the cinema I saw one of the so called house agent who chopped 10k of my money last year under the guise of registration fees when I was house hunting. He stopped picking my calls after the day I ‘registered.’He didn’t even recognize his victim at the cinema. 

I was the first to go into the cinema a few minutes before the start of the movie so I had an advantage of seeing most people walk in before the lights were out. 


He was wearing fake Gucci shirt like a big boy with one fine babe. They came in holding the big size popcorn and drinking coke.

Then he sat directly in front of me. Such disrespect!

Me, hunger was killing me at the back since I didn’t get any snacks.

I overheard him asking the babe if she would like to take anything else. Then he left and returned with two sharwarma that was smelling everywhere. They were now eating and laughing. By then the lights were out.

I did my calculations in my head and realized if he didn’t dupe me he wouldn’t have that extra 10k to take babe out for this sort of enjoyment and I’ll be 10k richer to be eating that shawarma and popcorn in the the cinema.

I was so angry that I almost strangled him from behind with my phone charger cord. 

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