I married my Edo Boyfriend

I met my husband during NYSC 2010.before then I was in a relationship with  a guy my parent and siblings did not approve of. it was a huge tug of war because it caused alot of rancor between me and them.I was not willing to let go not because I loved him so much but because I wanted them to respect my opinion as well. That did not help so I denounced him before them but it was up to me and the guy to decide. 

I wanted out because I was tired of fighting for the survival of the relationship,it could be something more better awaits me.i told him I was willing to let go but he will have none of that,so we came to the compromise that if any of us sees someone along the line then we move on.it was a floating relationship and not a committed one.

While preparing for the youth service I wanted to have more of friends and not relationship perse. So on camp I just made friends and that was it.
The day we passed out of camp and was deployed to our various local government was the day I met my Edo guy.he sat at the back of the bus which I did not even notice because I was in front.when we landed at the secretariat,we were welcomed and all other cermony proceeded. While heading back to the bus I was just thinking aloud and I said “hope the students will not disrespect me because of my petite size oh” and he responded because he was walking alongside.he was like”for what na,them dey crase?” ,I started laughing and we began to gist.he is very outspoken. I got to discover we were even posted to same school,I was in the senior section while he was in the junior.

We were welcomed by our “predecessors” when we got to the lodge.they cooked and prepare awaiting our arrival.it was fun.

In the senior school I was the only female corper posted in that batch the rest were guys   while in the junior school they had more females.Now  there was this guy from a different batch in the senior school (lets call him Gulliver,he was so big and tall) he was putting me through  all the necessary things that needed to be done before going home for the break. So we were moving from one point to the other,little did i know the guy was already “catching” feelings for me. My Edo guy was also busying trying to finish up every necessary stuff before leaving. The night before we were to travel we all went out to familiarize with the town a bit, we all had fun.we later returned and my Edo guy was asking for everyone’s number,when it reached my turn i was “forming” and he said something that cracked everyone up.i did give him eventually and the next day we travelled.
Gulliver was calling me every day like we had something going but then i felt maybe he was just trying to keep me updated.my Edo guy called me once to know how i was doing and i appreciated it because i did not call him .

The week before we were to resume Gulliver called me to tell me that i should prepare to resume so that i can have the opportunity of choosing the best room as well as the best items allocated to the corpers.I told him i will not go because i will be the only corper around (though the landlord and family leaves there and they are friendly). He then said my Edo guy called to tell him he is resuming that week too so i should go.
We ended the conversation and i called my Edo guy to confirm if he is going that week and he said yes. So i told him i am coming too.

He left two days ahead of me.by the time I got there he had already blended with the landlord and family so it was not as lonely as I thought. I slept in one of their rooms because the room I choosed is not yet prepared.That was how my Edo guy and I became best of both worlds, he helped me set up my room,showed me around.he is very funny and he makes me laugh all the time. Most times we spent our time with the landlord and his family (they have grown kids) watching movies,playing board games etc then my Edo guy and I will gist late into the night.

Finally the rest of the troop resumed but it did not stop our closeness.the day Gulliver resume was his worst nightmare.he came from the east so he arrived pretty late.i was with my Edo guy gisting in his room when he arrived and we both went to greet him and returned back.he was stunned and rang my phone saying he wants to see me.i went into his room and he was asking me why I did not welcome him with open arms,I was shocked wondering what that even means. He proceeded to say he really likes me and has been nursing it and waiting for us to resume before letting me know how much he likes me and intend to date me.I told him I am sorry if I hurt him but I am not interested in dating him and I left.i became his sworn enemy from that day.
I told my Edo guy what transpired and he laughed and said “why did I break gully’s heart na?”.

Edo guy had a girlfriend back home, though we were already liking each other.we were already tagged couple by all and sundry. I had other admirers but I did not like them enough to date them.by the way my Edo guy had occupied my heart sef. 
We were so closed that during school hours we write each other missives (I still have the stash).the missives were in codes understood by only two of us so we could freely send the students.
His girlfriend could not handle distant relationship and was placing him on some form of pressure.she later said she was thinking of quitting the relationship. Ah! I did not know whether to be happy or sad for him but as his friend I felt for him.
I initiated our first kiss (I love a good kiss).it was supposed to be a good night kiss and it was.

We travelled again for Christmas break and we called each other like crazy.when he went home,he found out that his girlfriend had gone to see a pastor for prayers whereby the pastor said that the Edo guy was not her husband or so. But she hid the story from him and decided to opt out making him feel bad.he said he is happy it happened the way it did ,no hard feelings.
We planned our resumption a week before the actual date and boy! Was it fun!
We spent time together anyway you could imagine.we finally had sex and it was fun.
Our relationship was so much fun everyone wanted to associate with us.they loved us.
I eventually told my erstwhile boyfriend I have found someone so that aspect died a natural death.
The relationship was bliss,he is my angel.we passed out the following year and continued  a distant relationship with visits in between. I must say this,a customer care service had nothing on us.we call like it was going out of fashion.
I introduced him first to my siblings before my Dad (he does not like inter-tribal marriage  but  he is ironically happily married to another tribe).my Edo  guy won all my siblings heart. It was a  tough one with my dad but eventually he had no choice but to give in.in 2014 we tied the knot and we are blessed with a beautiful baby Girl. It’s the best decision I have ever made.


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