I have problems with everything sexual related


What I have as a sexually related issue is as funny as it is confusing and painful,I have problems with anything sexually related. Let me explain.

If I read an erotically charged writeup,or hear people moan due to sexual pleasure without even seeing them or I masturbate or while romancing or being with a woman, I ejaculate, and the following things happen to me.

1:Drained of energy for weeks.
2:Brain fog,I can hardly think straight when it happens,my cognitive abilities is 60% lower.
3:Blurry vision,I can hardly see clearly,not even if d distance is very short.
4:serious headaches.
5:Burning eyes,as if there is a fire lite in my eyes,infact I can’t maintain eye contacts in that state.
6:Difficulty concentrating,when I am in that mood I can’t concentrate or carry on a train of thought in my head.

I am a bright,charming and confident young man,academically I have excelled but with these symptoms I become less confident,unsure,a little depressed, because I know am not operating on my level.

I went digging last Dec and I saw that my symptoms is really akin to what is called”pois”(post orgasm illness syndrome)though my symptoms come even without ejaculating sometimes too as I have explained…this has made me to try to avoid sexual activities,but the human biology won’t let that be possible and the sexual air we breathe around,this isn’t something your typical doctor understands and no,its not just psychological

One thing I discovered is most of those I saw as having same symptoms online are whites,I like to think am not the only black experiencing this even though the few I have explained my predicament to first of all find it amusing n then confusing, I am thinking or hoping someone out there have had or heard something similar and found a way around it, I am all in for traditional medicine since the alternative have not been much help.

Please let your audience see this I am open to the craziest ideas they could come up with as far it efficacy has been proven.

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