I have been loving myself. Next!

A friend who I haven’t spoken to in a long while called me this evening.
We spoke on random things for a while before bidding ourselves goodbye. Just when I was about to get off the phone. 

She said, “Ehen. I am now dating ***. That guy you saw me with at *** last August if you remember.”
I told her I remember because guys like Mr X are not easily forgotten.

The tall, good looking, dark, clean shaven hunk I saw her with last year. 

My friend has been in and out of 3 relationships in the last five years before her most recent breakup last April. 

I told her, “This is good news. Congratulations.”

She said they started dating during Christmas.

I told her I was genuinely happy for her.


She said, “This morning he asked if I have told my friends about him that’s why I called you.” 

I said, “Okay oh. One of these days we should do a proper introduction.”

She said. “Yes we should. Maybe upper week when I return from Dubai…I forgot to mention he is taking me to Dubai for 5 days this Valentine.” She added excitedly.

I said. “Wow. I’m really happy for you.”

She said she knows. 

“Are you seeing anyone? She asked.

I told her no. That question is usually the start of an uncomfortable conversation so I made to get off the phone.


She said, “Don’t worry. God will give you your own soon. Just continue to love yourself. Keep loving yourself you hear.”

I told her okay and went off the phone.

“Keep loving yourself” Those words echoed in my head when I got off the phone. 

But myself has been loving myself since 1800 and now myself wants to love man too. 

Why didn’t she suggest introducing me to Mr X handsome bother or friend so that I can go to Dubai too for Valentine?

Instead I am being advised to sit in the house and be loving myself. 

I bath daily, brush my teeth, apply coconut oil on my skin, eat and take ‘positive vibes selfies’ yet its not enough.

I wonder if I am supposed to start making love to myself before relationship people say I am truly loving myself.

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