I didn’t know what they were planning

My story is kind of long, so bear with me plss.This happen to me when I was still in junior secondary school sometime around 2010, so I had my click of friends in class back then, one of them happen to live in the same street with me, just a few houses from mine. Her name was joy, she was not my closest friend but since we lived in the same area we became kind of close, because most times we walk back home together. She has an elder brother that was in the university, I remember going to visit her once and I didn’t like the way he was staring at me. My mom died when I was still little so its just me my dad and two elder brothers that don’t have my time.

During the holidays, I went to her place frequently and sometimes slept over, our families became close because of us. On a particular Friday, I remember I was at her place throughout gisting and gossiping that I forgot to iron the clothes my dad was suppose to use in going for a wedding the next day, I returned home that evening to do my normal evening chores, when I saw my dad sitting outside with his Cain by his side, he asked me to kneel down, and I was explaining that I forgot and that I will iron it later at night. Lashes of Cain were just landing on me like rain, I ran out of our compound and joys mother saw me crying outside, she asked what happened and I told her, she took me to my father and pleaded on my behalf, my dad was quiet throughout and I knew once she left the flogging will continue. I followed her outside even when she assured me my dad will not flog me again I remember telling her ‘he will still beat me oooo’. And that was how I followed her home, she asked my dad if I could sleep at their place and he reluctantly agreed.

On getting to their place I noticed joys elder brother has returned back from school that evening, I greeted him and went straight to my friends room. I was too upset to eat and even watch tv that evening as I was thinking of the beating awaiting me the next day. Joy lives in a two bedroom apartment, her parents slept in one room while she and her brother slept in the other. I have never slept in the house when her brother was around, so her mom told him to sleep in the parlour.
I remained in the room and pretended I was sleeping when joy came inside as I didn’t feel like talking. I don’t know why but I was restless that night, I woke up to every movement and sound. Later at night as I lay awake in the dark room I noticed joy got up from the bed and opened the room door, her brother walked in and she went out, he came to the bed and was about lying down when immediately I got up, I remember saying something like I want to ease myself.

I ran to the parlour and saw joy lying on a chair, she was shocked to see me, I told her to open the door that I wanted to go home, it was almost midnight. She was asking why and forming ignorant to what just happened. Her brother came to the parlour asking me the same thing,   the noise woke up their parents, they came to the parlour and I just kept crying and saying i want to go home, they asked why but I just kept on repeating that I want to go home. Her father and brother walked me home, my father was surprise to see me and even more surprise when he heard I was crying to come home, when earlier I was crying to leave.

The next day my dad asked me what happened at joys house I said nothing, my brother even asked if we quarreled as i was no longer speaking with her i said no. I don’t know what joy and her brother was planing, maybe I misunderstood the scene and he was coming to get something from the bed, I can’t really say because I avoided joy after the incidence and thank God they even moved out to another street before we resumed.


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