I can’t stop eating soap

By Miss Anonymous.

It all started when i was 13 and in JSS3. My sister had returned back to the boarding house. I was always home alone, practically ’cause my parents had to work. (Please, do not for a second attempt to blame my parents for having to work. Thank you).

I lived in an environment where it was strictly mind your own business. One with tall fences and not-so-smiley faces. The only time i got to see what our neighbours looked like was during drop offs at where the school bus was packed. I didn’t like the kids much coupled with the fact that i liked my own space even as a kid turned me into a selective introvert.

During my third term in JSS3, my parents and our neighbour employed a lesson teacher to prepare us (myself and their daughter) for our junior waec (Till today, i am still trying to understand the usefulness of that exams). My neigbours were actually lovely people and i eventually got comfortable.

On one fateful day, their help came back from the market with clay (the white chalk most pregnant women enjoy eating). I tasted it for the first time and i got hooked. I remember always begging her to get some for me whenever she went to the market. There was a day she didn’t buy any and instead we both ate some sort of washing soap that smelt like the clay too (something close to the canoe washing soap we have now).

To cut the story short, i am 23 years old and still eating soap. I have been eating soap for 10 years. Over the years, i’ve had lux, irish spring, premier, dettol etc. Except the likes of Dudu Osun, tetemosol for obvious reasons. Currently, i eat the white ivory soap for reasons i do not know. It has gotten worse. 4-5 times daily. I remember always having chunks of soap in my pocket or that tiny hidden part in my handbag while in the university.

I have consumed so much soap that i don’t even know what it is doing to my body. Every year, i keep making resolutions of how i’d stop but after two or three days, i find myself going back. I recently stopped bathing with soap, but i can’t just avoid the ivory soap we use in washing at home. I have tried multiple times to coerce my parents into using liquid soap, but when they inquire why i usually do not know how to explain or what to say to them.

I have the best support system a young adult could ever wish for, but i know if i tell them this, they’ll be totally disappointed. Before typing this, i had eaten a chunk of soap.

It isn’t jazz. Juju. Or “village people” at work. These things happen to Nigerians too. I have established the fact that i am an addict: a soap addict. How to get the help i need without the knowledge of my family and before it kills me is where i am now.

PS: I have never been abused. Depressed. Traumatized. Or anything of that sort. This is the only problem i have in my life. Well, except for Buhari and Rochas.😑


I use to suffer from a soap eating addiction before. Mine was lux soap.

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