I am tired of Nigeria

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I had an early night yesterday (7:30PM) after reading the news of the tragedy in Offa area of Kwara State.

I haven’t been following the news properly this week until yesterday evening when I decided to binge read.

My God!

I was so devastated that I resorted to finding temporary solace in sleep. Tears were streaming down my eyes after I watched the video above.

Eyewitnesses reported the attack went on in broad daylight for 70 minutes at 5 banks one after the other. 30 people were killed like animals.

This is a town where SARS go about harassing innocent people on the streets with the accusation of them being yahoo boys.

When an actual robbery happened the so called SARS were nowhere to be found. The same method of robbery keeps happening successfully in the same town year after year.

The perpetrators are getting bolder because security in this country has become a joke.

You know the most painful part of it all? A few days from now the police are going to parade innocent boys as suspects in a bid to save their faces.

The president will be silent as usual.

The Governor will read a short speech written by his aide and get into his AC convoy with his security officers.

People will move on because in Nigeria, all lives are equal but some lives are more equal than the others.

Dreams were cut short because someone decided to go to the bank to complain of a N50 bank charge. Children were butchered like cows in Taraba for no reason.

The death toll in various communities in the North East keeps rising.

Only 28 children registered for common entrance in Zamfara State.

Our leaders are taking no actions.

Meanwhile when the president son falls victim of an accident of his own doing he is flown abroad for first class treatment. We see the minister of health and top dignitaries waiting at the airport to welcome him home. Welcome back billboards are mounted on the streets.

Nobody cares about the commoner until it is time they need you as number as 465,208 vote during an election. They start campaigning with devices that appeals to the common man like a N40 sachet of milo and a promise of a free meal.

That is all you are needed for in this country – a number once every 4 years.

As it stands we have two options. Get your PVC or Get out while you can.

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